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by Derpus
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A now-malleable girl goes through different scenarios, not always ending favorably.

A now-malleable girl goes through different scenarios, not always ending favorably.

This is an interactive story containing 112 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Story idea by REwesker117
(I want to start by saying I don't own this idea or some character's they belong to Derpatron and I recommend you read the other stories he has)

You are Sarah Anderson , A skinny Caucasian 16 yrs old teen girl with green eyes, brunette hair with blond highlights her breast are cup sized A with a small ample booty. After a crazy intimate night with Trish your body has become gummy like from a illness she called Gooey Flu now giving you the same properties as her. Trish has offered you a special medication numerous times to hold it back but refuse to take it enjoying your new life. Now you live out your life for the normal part of it with friends and family but ready to hurl your body in different sexual fantasies that start off sweet but don't end always well. The one plus side obtaining the illness is that you have stopped aging at the age of 41.
You have always had a strong fetish for single hot mothers but that hasn't every stopped yourself before from going any lower in the age pool.

(Teen) While living your life normal day to day you work at a water park Splash Zone during times open and it's field day for you never knowing who you'll stick too.
(young adult) Trish offered you a job at her factory being a lead designer to keep you close but you will be moving far away with your friend to start collage.
(adult) You have become vice president of the factory with Jack now but skip days enjoying quality time with Trish or his wife Mary and daughters besides that getting yourself caught in some kind of trouble is always fun. Throughout your life Trish always comes to visit you during her free time being very overprotective knowing your safe but that normally get's her Malleable body caught in your mess.

This story takes place at different stages of Sarah squishy life.

secondary characters:

Trish Harper:
A caring woman with a disease that makes her body extremely malleable. You got your illness from her after mistaking her for a toy following one of her accidents and (admittedly) going a little overboard with her. Feeling responsible for your condition, she's become a little attached to you, seeing you as sort of a surrogate daughter and does what she can to help you out. You sometimes visit her and do favors for her, as she enjoys your company... though, her son, Jack, seems a bit slow to accept you.

Scarlett Anderson:
Your mother has black hair with red highlights having hazel eyes with a lovely face to go with it her body is slim tone with a rack that was a born B size her thick thighs accommodated her ripe booty. She has a very ditsy and forgetful personality being only 34 a single mother of two daughters. Due to her nature Sarah decide not to tell her mother about the Gooey flu to save her from stress but that never helped her cause being unaware of Sarah long absences sometimes squishing Sarah herself. How will she take it when she does?

Natalie Anderson:
Your younger sister being only six yrs old she has short jet black hair everyone raves in comments about her adorable face loving her breath taking green eyes. A complete angle to everyone but you seeing past this she can be a total brat. Before your new disorder you always overpowered her skinny body her undeveloped chest that would grow out a pair of C breasts in life. You always been a little jealous of her having a butt bigger then you being so young no less. She found out about your new form one day after sitting down on you as a joke but when she saw you stuck on her butt she laughed keeping you placed there for sometime. After that day Natalie stopped seeing Sarah as her sister and ONLY A TOY now calling you "Squishy" in annoyance. She may be nice at first but that changes fast keeping the secret from your mom too, she frequently messes with you around her friend telling them to keeping quiet about it. Even have seen the inside of her belly a few times. She'd never stop going overboard with you... right?

Olivia Campbell:
Your next door neighbor she has blond hair half shaven on one side born with rare amber colored eyes you find capturing. You do anything she would ask of you do in hopes to spend time with her. A real party mom she likes to drink quit often enjoying your company while doing so letting you drink with her at times. Her petite body she workout out quite often to keep in shape but skips a day. One night you told her of your situation well drunk and end up being her bra from sometime the next morning always blacking out about you the next morning.

Amy Campbell:
The young daughter of Olivia she is the same age as Natalie even looking like her twin almost if she didn't have the blonde hair. Unlike Natalie she cares about you a lot when getting squished trying her best to save you that ends mostly bad for you. The times that are good however she keeps you with her for prolonged periods then needed almost if she had a crush.

Sarah best friend since childhood she always had your back for good times and bad except that changed when she learned of you gummy body. Now she entertains herself in many ways molding you up or leaving you trapped in situations. She will always come to your rescue if needed sometimes. She has gorgeous brown eyes with high cheekbones being born half Asian and Dominican her body is crazy hot being a neat hourglass figure with C sized breast and a descent caboose to match. You never cared what she does to you harboring deep feelings for her.

Sarah other best friend the type of girl who didn't like to expend energy for anybody being typically lazy she didn't change her clothes most day this rule commonly applied to her underwear wearing the same pair repeatedly. She has long messy curly brunette hair her breast are A sized but perky with her ass being plump. Sarah loves Madison with all her heart but her friend was so lazy. One time when she got stuck to her ass she called out to her friend who noticed instantly only to be shrugged and ignored left to suffer for weeks end while Jenna let it be not saving you once.

Luna Anazco:
Sarah's High school/life bully you never new the devil walked the earth until meeting this girl. Her soul purpose was to make your life miserable and after she found out about your secret you tried desperately to hide from her it was over. She found your pathetic gummy life a joke seeing you the same way your young sister did as only a toy for her pleasure even calling you by the same nickname like they planned it. She had dark dyed red hair her body was lissome with small breast but a sizable rear coming from a nationality of Brazil her skin tone was pale tan blending your body in easily with her own.

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1) Sarah cannot die, so don't do it.

2) Be sure to use proper grammar and spelling.

3) Make chapters more than one sentence.

4) Limit the choices. After things get to two paths, it's decision time.


6) If a there's a sudden development that doesn't make any damn sense, or if a chapter is nothing but a sentence long, I will delete the chapter without hesitation. HOWEVER if it's clear that some effort is put into it, I'll simply email you before going over and fixing grammatical or continuity errors.

7) Anything involving gas/toilet stuff, can be used within this story.

8) No male interactions in this version of the story.
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