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You shrink near girls. (300 Word Minimum.)

You shrink near girls. (300 Word Minimum.)

This is an interactive story containing 12,786 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Since it's become a problem. Chapters must be 300 words! Will be deleted if not!

Are you sick of all those interactives, where you have to go into category by category? In this one you can just make an entry and go! Anything Is Allowed! From OCs to Anime, Movies, TV Shows, Real Life, Comics, Cartoons, even History and Mythology. The story is simple; You wake up, and find yourself at a height of two inches tall (5cm), near your favorite girl.

- No male characters
- No excessive violence
- A minimum of 300 words per entry.
- You can switch focus onto another giantess, as long as they are part of the same canon.
- If you add a girl to a tower, the first chapter is reserved to you for one week, after which, anyone can add it.
- I hold the right to delete or edit chapters, as I see fit. (If I do, you will be messaged in advance.)

Tower System
The interactive is divided into "Towers", each containing 50 characters.
If you want to add girls, go to the last Tower available.

Bounty Board
For your pleasure to set and do requests from other users. Rewards such as GP, or maybe other chapters written for you

Tips & Tricks
Find your girl quickly! Is the list too long to find your girl? If you're on a PC browser you can make the process quick and easy, by using the find on page feature most browsers have. If you are using Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, simply click CTRL + F to open a search bar, which you can use to look for words on a page. Go to Story Outline   press CTRL + F, and type in the name of your favorite girl to find her in a matter of seconds.

Never forget your girl! When inside an interactive, Writing.com has a feature called Paths in the sidebar below your name. It can be used to save a path towards you current chapter, that will guide you through every choice to get there. But you can also use it, as a bookmark to easily find the starting chapter of your girl.

Skip the tower when following a path! Clicked on a recent chapter, and want to be guided through the events that lead there? The easiest way is to use the Path System. However, there is one annoying complication, exclusive to this interactive. The towers! I doubt you want to click no, or next about thirty times before reaching the first chapter of the actual character. There is away to avoid this, and start following the path in whatever chapter you want, though this is going to be a bit harder to explain. If you click begin path, you will be send to the first chapter of the interactive. However, one thing is different about the URL. At some point you can read ?path_to= followed by some numbers. What you want to do is copy the last part of that URL starting with the ? all the way to the end of the URL, including the numbers that follow =. But be careful not to copy any of the numbers before ? those numbers belong to chapter navigation. Now simply go to the URL of the girl's starting chapter, and paste this last bit of the URL behind it, reload, et voila you can start following your path at whatever chapter you want.

List of All Girls
1 - 200   (Tower 1 to 4)
201 - 400   (Tower 5 to 8)
401 - 600   (Tower 9 to 12)
601 - 800   (Tower 13 to 16)
801 - 1000   (Tower 17 to 20)
1001 - 1200   (Tower 21 and 24)
1201 - 1400   (Tower 25 and 28)
1401 - Onward   (Tower 29 and Onward)

Useful Links
Story Outline  
Recent Additions  

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

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