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Lincoln is shrunk thanks to Lisa and has some adventures
Chapter 1

shrunk lincoin

    by: maximus   More by this author
Lincoln was sitting in his living room, watching his favourite tv episodes he loved and always loved the show and lincoln had no other interests.

Well, maybe one other interest.

lincoln found himself to be attracted to anything that seemed bigger than him. lincoln wondered why he felt that way, so lee looked it up It turns out, he is "macrophiliac", or someone who has a fetish for giantesses (wink wink). he loved anything that looked giantess to him. giantess were his favourites

lincoln especially love it when giantess movies were on. Though they never really do it with the animated shows or movies. But either way, he loved it. "Heh, maybe one day he would finally see it. And it sure would be nice to see it in person. "Oh well, it's wishful thinking."

With that, lincoln hopped in bed, and got ready to sleep. Once lincoln are out, the wishing star hears his wish, and grants it but not by magic but science as lisa was experimenting on a ray but as lisa went to the bath room the ray switched itself on and fired at a mirror slingshot of to Lincolns room hitting him and as he slept he shrunk to the size of an action figure.

in the morning lincoln woke up to see his room had gotten bigger as he sat up he looked over the side of his bed and nearly fainted as he tried to scream for help but no on could hear him so he grabs his sock and used it as a parachute and landed on the floor he ran out of his room and straight to lisas room but he was exhausted but as he was about to crawl under the door a hand grabbed him and reviled it was....
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