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Lincoln is shrunk thanks to Lisa and has some adventures
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Chapter 2


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Lincoln had his eyes covered in fear of who had found him until a voice said "Lincoln is that you love?" he uncovered his eyes to see luna his third oldest Lincoln sighed with relive and said "luna its great to see you I don't know what happened but I've shrunk I need your help" luna looked in confusion at him and said "what do you want me to do?" Lincoln thought and said "get me somewhere to think" luna thought and decided to take Lincoln to her room and said "ill take you to my room because it will be more private" Lincoln loved the idea but said "you better conceal me if the others see me I will never get back to normal"

luna thought and decided on where to hide him putting her hand around him Lincoln could feel it as luna said "I'm going to hide you in my bra" Lincoln looked as luna pulled her shirt and bra open luna moved Lincoln in to her left cup out of her hand Lincoln landed in her bra and shouted "luna noooooooooo" as the bra snapped back in place luna pressed her breast together to make Lincoln comfortable and started to walk to her bedroom but Lincoln was struggling as his sister breasts keep squeezing him

luna felt her brother struggling and she was loving it licking her lips as she entered her room she sat on her bed letting Lincoln continue to struggle placing her finger on her virgina and started to rub it soon after his struggling Lincoln noticed his sisters actions and decided to climb out he started grabbing lunas boobs and pulling himself up only to make luna rub herself even more as he climbed he could hear his sister moaning as he reached the top of her boobs he poked his head out only to be grabbed by luna

she brought Lincoln to her face pecked her lips and started to kiss him after a few minute's she stopped giving Lincoln room to breath smiling at him Lincoln was very angry as luna placed him on the bed luna came face to face and said "Lincoln why do you want to be big again imagine all the stuff we could do" Lincoln thought and said "you know luna your right we could do stuff couples could only dream of" luna looked at him hopefully and said "you mean you want to stay tiny?" Lincoln nodded yes to his sister

he came closer to his sisters face and said "alright luna I'm all yours" luna picked up Lincoln and decided to.....
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