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by demon
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slave of smelly STINK

slave of smelly STINK

This is an interactive story containing 113 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
French version (all chapters following its mandatory written in French) "premier chapitre (version français)

no women

you are an adult man (soumi).

the others can be a member of your family or friend or foe or animal or anthro ect ...

than males.

this story is about the smell so you will have to smell all the smell that smell of feet, armpit, fart, penis ...

everyone and imortelle so no death.

vore extreme are forbidden.

animated characters, hero, mytology are allowed (except that you will be a stranger).

the others can play on the size be it can you shrink or it can become giant (no limit of size) it is only forbidden that you are bigger than the others.

As you are submissive, either you accept the proposition or be the person will force you or oblige you to do it.

you can run away but it will have a serious consequence.

for the moment he has not a lot of ban so entertain you.

I could edit this text by adding forbiddens.

I can contact you because your story and too much gore which will allow me to see what other forbiddens I can added.


member of your family

you : skinny adult man have no fat, practice no sport.
you are so small and skinny that you am regarded as an object and not as a human, the people save you're a human but he does not consider you human.

even your family considers you an object, he even considers that you are not part of the family for that which can do all he wants even sex.

your name is Quentin but your nickname and the thing.
the friend of the family still does call you by your name.
your father, julien, albert, norbert and jeremy will always call you by your nickname.
your brother justin calls you by your first name except when these to do riding or torture you he calls you by your nickname.

outside of the family the others persons does not know you so he does not know how your name or your nickname.

your father: retired man, former wrestler, this bodybuilding begins with this tiring
your father's name is Robert except you because you have to call him "my lord" is your brothers the call "daddy"

your first big brother: ultra muscular man, he practices extreme wrestling, he makes the wrestling of death from time to time because he is the champion, he is nicknamed in the middle wrestling "the crushers" because he is such muscle that he can crush these ennemy just by putting seated on them. he loves to make you feel those stinky armpits after a breakup or after a game. his real name is jeremy, but you have to call him "the mega wrestler".

your second big brother : he is bigger than you, he plays american football when you see him he is constantly in American football uniform, even at home he stays in uniform nobody forbids him, he loves football so much that he sleeps in uniform, he loves to take you like a rag to rub his uniform, he also loves to make facesiting while he and always in a uniform and you fart on the face. this brother is disgusting because he does not wash it does not change so he will always keep the same uniform, he never nothing under the uniform so you will always be above.

he has a training manikin at that moment you hide yourself so that he does not attach you to his manikin because you know that the manikin is used to train at the tackle is seen that he has the complete uniform you can not stand the shoulder pad.

when he does not train with the manikin, he takes you like the ballon of american football.
his name is Julian, but you have to call him "the player".

your third big brother

is a porn star man.

he often have porn videos alone or with another porn star.

he has pretty muscle my he is repute in the middle of porn for his huge penis that no porn star arrives cashed or put all the penis, but especially he is known for these putrid fart, or these massive hairs have huge hairs everywhere ( thick hair) even these armpits are very furry he must be careful when it is felt armpit because the person can have the head lock in the hair is no longer have any air other than the armpit, once he had to bring someone one in the emergency because this person has to push the head between these pecs and like these pecs with a jungle of hair the person the person find them head blocked between the pectorals without any air.

outside of these paid video, he makes video deprive or you are his manikin (he does not care about you he shoves directly brutally, he drives all his penis that hurt you is when he makes you feel he sticks your head very deep and crazy that your head remains blocked in these hairs without air)

his name porn star is the rockhair because he is muscle like are idol the rock (Dwayne Johnson) is very hairy everywhere

but in reality his name and albert, but you have to call him "master of sex"

your first little brother

he is also adult but bigger than you, he is developping everywhere because are sport prefert these swimming.

your second little brother

he is as adult even size as you, he plays hockey is even if these on the ice he sweats hugely because under the uniform he must have 1 tank top, 1 t-shirt, these protection is his team jersey for the up . It also against the skin ' Thermal Hockey Underwear' skin, for the low in addition to the Thermal Hockey Underwear he wears protection + shorts. all this held makes him sweat serious because he is very hot
his name is norbert
(in the story you can be put against the direct skin)

your last brother

he is riding, he can go see his horse at any time and do whatever with. he gets to ride a horse without a saddle but to avoid hurting his horse he puts you in the place the saddle so that every time he hits his ass on the horse these on you he type in this way the horse does not stand the buttocks of course it hurts you. his horse does not love you if you are alone with the horse, the horse will crush you between these buttocks against a wall, the horse also loves to make you feel these fart,

the horse is a solitary male, his master to do good to his horse he takes you as a sexual object for horses.

his name is justin, to laugh you call him "equerry" which made him angry because he was more a knight than an equerry


the friend of the family

This man has no family is like he is your father's family friend to accept him when he is there because yes this man and a French soldier.
he is constantly at your father so allow him to sleep with his stance is even with these rangers. he speaks French and English, he is a brutal man and very dominant also very muscular, when he is at home he has just returned from mission so he feels very bad.

as in your house he has no bed for him your father has strength to share so you have to sleep in your bed (1 person) with him, which is hard because you are attracted by him and his uniform. once you've stumbled and you are falling the nose in these rangers you sniff the smell that had inside the interior before he comes back you will never be under are uniform except you can be in these rangers.

another time on the couch you were alone at home with him, you were sleeping on the couch he did not see you are those sitting on your head at the beginning you said nothing because you fantasize about his uniform but at the moment where he has fart you move to let him know that you're below.

Here is what it looks like:

Here are mandatory uniform:



His name is Robert, but your father forces you to call "super soldier" he also allows you to call him in French "super militaire".

what he does not tell you what he is attracted by you and that he will like to make you suffer with his uniform and these smells.

dog of the family

the family dog ​​obeys the family perfectly except to you, the family also uses the dog to torture you, because the dog is very heavy but also dropped bombs very stinky fart, for example of torture you could be tied to the ground the dog standing above you with your head at the back (seen on his ass) and the family member can order the dog to sit, so that your nose ends up in the dog's rectum and then if he order fart, the dog fart.

you can create another family member

you live in a huge house in the basement he has a wrestling cage to prevent one can escape, he has a football field to train training.

your room is very small we call it "a closet" because it has room for your bed of a person, and in front of the bed there is a bit of room but not much so he has no closet, on the floor he's at the military's business which makes you stumble often, if in the bedroom he has you and the military you are constantly jostling or you find yourself in bad positions because it has enough room for the military. it's already happening that the soldier stomp all your body with these rangers even your head and pass underneath. when the soldier is on mission your bedroom become the fart box of all the family so that you often risk having your nose in the buttocks of the family because you are forbidden to leave your room, if you leave you will have consequences, in your room you hide your diary or you note all your fantasy about the soldier and also all that he does to you with what you love and what you do not have to love, you note all this that your family does to you. you hide him because you know that if someone finds him (family or military) he will read it and have it read to the others.

in this story it will be a heat wave forever it will have no rain and very hot extreme heat, so that the family perspires a lot and when the military by mission these for a long journey on foot alone so when he returns he is tramper sweat and very bad senses

I created a discord which are fan odor, here is discord

discord smelly: https://discord.com/invite/g6h3j7cuZe
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