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Can this hero handle these corrupt divas? Or will he end up being putty in their hands?
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Chapter 2


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Flying, Mark decided, was one of his favorite things. It was one of the first things he figured out how to do with his powers, and just watching people go about their business from on high never seemed to get old.

Speaking of, it seemed like several police cars were converging on the local theater. That seemed like trouble, and trouble was a job for Magic Man!

"Greetings, citizens!" Magic Man announced as he landed outside the theater.

"You're that new hero right?" one of the cops asked.

"Magic Man, at your service." the hero said with a bow. "What seems to be the trouble."

"We got reports of a woman holding the audience hostage." the officer explained.

"Just leave it to me!" Magic Man said as he held up a hand. A ball of fire formed above it and with a thought, was sent shooting towards the door of the theater.With a bang, the doors were blown off their hinges; Magic Man flew into building and was already preparing another fireball.

"Hey! Who's trying to steal my spotlight?"

Magic Man came to a stop in the air above the audience, who all looked like they were in some kind of trance. On stage was a blonde woman who wouldn't have looked out of place in Vegas; she was wearing tuxedo jacket and a white vest, which looked to be straining against her amble bosom, and nylon stockings and high heels that showed off her long legs. In one of her hands was a microphone.

"Oh great, another magician." The woman muttered. "You think you can put on a better show then Hypnotits? Well, come over here and prove it!"

Her challenge was emphasized with a stomp that made her breasts bounce.
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