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Rated: E · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2154052
You have to survive in a post tickle apocalyptic wasteland
Chapter 1

Flushed out

    by: feather99   More by this author
I sat in my new home eating cold soup, careful not to make any noise. If anyone or anything heard me on the outside, I was a goner. I was hiding in a gas station off of a highway, miles from the nearest town. Here I was free from tickling for now, besides the cockroaches, which had mutated to be pink and have feathery legs. There weren't too many though so I could usually fend them off pretty quickly even if they did get a few giggles out of me. I dropped my soup as one assaulted my foot. I squealed and smashed with my hand. The tickle on my foot reminded me of the day it all started.


I was with my girlfriend, Emily, and we were watching a movie. She was laying back with her feet in my lap as I gave her a foot massage. The window was open and a strong breeze came through the window. I felt my whole body almost immediately begin to tingle, it felt so sensitive. Suddenly Emily's demeanor changed, I couldn't put my finger on what had happened but she was definitely different.

"I never give you foot massages, why don't you lie back and let me take care of you." She smiled sweetly and sat up patting her lap.

"Ok..." I agreed, but felt as though something fishy was going on. As soon as I laid my feet in her lap, she put them in a headlock.

"You're mine now!" She seemed insane at this point but I didn't have time to think about it as she frantically scratched her nails over my soles and nibbled on my toes. It tickled like nothing I had ever felt before. I screamed and bucked but was unable to shake her off. I was nearly in tears when, luckily, her two kittens pounced on her feet and licked all over her feet and toes without letting go. She squealed and fell to the ground in a giggling heap.

I caught my breath and decided that I had to figure out what was going on. I ran out the front door, hopped in my car and sped off. As I drove through the town I saw countless scenes of tickle horror. My neighbor was a single father with three teenaged daughters. He was hogtied and being mercilessly tickled by all three. As I continued driving I saw that an apple tree had caught a girl by the feet and dangled her in the air brushing its leaves over her feet. The last thing I saw before I escaped the town was a women in nylons being swarmed by ants, laughing hysterically trying to swat them away. And that was the last I saw of my old home.

Suddenly I heard the front door to the gas station creak open. I peaked around the shelf, luckily I wasn't seen. It was a girl. 'Damn it!' She was about 18, brunette, and was wearing opaque white tights, cotton black booty shorts, and a pink sports bra. She was very cute, and her outfit made her an easy target, but something didn't feel right. It couldn't be this easy. She crept through the aisles as I slid away trying to avoid detection.

"I know you're in here!" she yelled in an excited way. Damn, she had came across my spilt soup. In terrible timing a cockroach got stuck in my shirt. I let out a slight chuckle being caught off guard before crushing it. I had to bolt. I ran towards the door. Her footsteps were right behind me!
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