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  1. Mess with a nearby village of humans
  2. Pixie Hollow
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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2155166
You are a mischievous Fairy in a world filled with all kinds of dangers.
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Chapter 2

Mess with a nearby village of humans

    by: EggzSupreme   More by this author
You're in the mood to cause some trouble. You decide to start off the day by messing with the nearby human village. As you swiftly zip around the tress on your way towards the village, you reminisce of all the fun times you had on the human's expense. These pleasant memories soon turn sour, as you remember how Crystal overpowered and apprehended you every time you caused trouble. But the spoilsport was nowhere to be seen, so you decided to go through with your plan...
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