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by AC
Rated: E · Interactive · Erotica · #2155842
A Bunch of High school students get embarrassed

A Bunch of High school students get embarrassed

This is an interactive story containing 82 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
In this story several High school students find themselves in embarrassing situations, This is an embarrassment story, not a sex story. Nudity is allowed, sex is not, mild violence is, major violence is not. Pantsing, Swirlies, Wedgies, etc are all encouraged, please keep people peeing themselves to a minimum.

These are the characters for the story


Adam- A sophomore nerd who is terrible at sports, not strong, not fast, he has been getting pantsed and wedgied since kindergarten and there is no sign of an end to the embarrassment, he is picked on at home by his three siblings and at school. Adam is relatively tall, pale, and pasty, he has brown hair and blue eyes. Adam can wear tighty whiteys, boxer briefs, boxers, or colored briefs (including superhero), but usually he wears tighty whiteys No panties, or girls underwear. He is usually regarded as the biggest nerd in the school and the most likely to strung up the flagpole or worse tied to the bottom of it naked, bullies have stopped tormenting other nerds to go after Adam before.

Justine- A Sophomore dork, she is short, hot headed and her mouth tends to get her in trouble, she has a bit of an attitude and will insult anyone, even the jocks and cheerleaders who have tormented her since sixth grade. She has blonde hair, green eyes, is slightly less than average at sports. She can wear bikini panties or boyshorts. She tends to wear skinny jeans, a tank top and a hoodie.

Daniel- A Junior Goth- Despite being rather tall, somewhere around 6'4:" he is picked on fairly frequently, it doesn't help his cause that his pants fall down almost as much as they get pulled down. He wears only boxers or boxer briefs usually dark in color, He Has Long black hair, and brown eyes.

Sara- A Freshman Nerd, she is a major nerd and because of that she gets picked a lot, more than anybody...except for Adam, She has brown hair, green eyes, she is not athletic at all, possibly even worse than Adam, She is a little bit pudgy, with pale pasty skin. She is mostly picked on by the cheerleaders, and popular girls. She wears Granny panties or boyshorts only, she is more likely to get pantsed than wedgied, but can get either one frequently.

The Bullies Please note in this story the bullies have the upper hand for most of the story, nerds can get revenge, but it must be short lived)

John- A Sophomore, John is cool, he is athletic, stylish, trendy and a chick magnet, girls are always around him. He has never been pantsed or wedgied, he torments nerds on a daily basis, especially Adam, he really likes to pants them or wedgie them in front of girls. He wears boxers, and humiliates anyone who wears briefs. He has short blonde hair and green eyes

Evelina-A Sophomore, She is the most popular girl in school, and she is gorgeous and she knows it, she has never had a fashion misstep, she has never had a pimple, she is athletic and smart. With dark skin, a perfect Hourglass figure she rules the school hallways, nobody messes with her, she loves embarrassing nerds, and laughing at them when other people embarrass them, she especially likes to humiliate Adam or Sara. Evelina wears thongs or G Strings. She has black hair and blue eyes

Josh- A Sophomore Jock- He is the star football player...and basketball...and baseball player, he is always with a girl, usually a cheerleader. He has always been cooler than other guys, stronger and faster. He likes to embarrass nerds and goths, He wears boxers and sags his pants. He has brown hair and hazel eyes

Erica- A Senior Cheerleader- The most feared pantser in the school, she is the head cheerleader, and she is also the meanest, She has always been popular has never been picked on by anyone, she is beautiful, big breasted, she usually wears short shorts or mini skirts to show off her booty. She wears thongs, G Strings or boyshorts, and will embarrass anyone who crosses her. She has blonde hair and blue eyes

The InBetweeners (These are people that can either get embarrassed or be the embarrasser, they are popular, but not that popular)

Nicki- A Sophomore- Adam's next door neighbor and crush, she has blonde hair, green eyes, an average build bodywise, she is okay at sports, but not a jock by any means. She likes to embarrass people, especially Adam and Justine, although she has had her share of embarrassing moments as well. She wears Jeans or skirts, bikini panties or thongs only.

Andrew- A Sophomore- Adam's best friend, he is athletic and plays football, although he has never been fully accepted by the other players and is not considered a jock, he helps Adam out of embarrassing predicaments when he can, he doesn't embarrass anyone, other than for revenge, he doesn't get picked on very often, but does occasionally get a wedgie or pantsed

Becky- A Senior Cheerleader- Adam's Oldest Sister, although she is a cheerleader she is not as popular as the rest of them, she is also mot considered to be as pretty, she has an average build and like her brother is not at all athletic. She has brown hair and brown eyes, she absolutely loves tormenting her younger brother, she is however tormented by other cheerleaders and jocks. She wears jeans or pajama pants, and wears granny panties, bikini panties or boyshorts only.

Alonzo- A Senior Goth- Not particularly athletic, not bad at sports, Not great at school, not bad at school either, he sometimes picks on a nerd, or fellow goth, he fears jocks...and cheerleaders, because where there is a cheerleader, there is probably a jock. He wears boxers, boxer briefs or dark colored briefs on a rare occasion. He has black hair and blue eyes.

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