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An interactive story for you to expand on. Let’s go play with those “Heroes!”

An interactive story for you to expand on. Let’s go play with those “Heroes!”

This is an interactive story containing 378 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Finally! A quirk of your own! Perhaps you have what it takes to be a Hero! Or, feeling a little angry at the world, perhaps you should be a villain. Do what you want!

Well, I’m betting you would do that anyway. Let’s be honest, you came here for the girls and the boys to be in... 18+ situations, you naughty pervert. Though, I’m personally here for the girls. Oops! Welp, I gave away my preference. Well... Go forth! Carve your destiny!

As for you, I had the gender ambiguous in the first page. You can decide what the gender is for the main character when continuing on with the story. I did this so the protagonist doesn’t have to be stuck as a boy right from the get go. But the quirk has to stay the same. Body manipulation. Pretty OP, right?

Sadly, I do have rules for you. Just so we can keep a... “direction” for this interactive story. Fair is fair.


1. The setting of the story must take place in the world of Hero Aca. It would get too confusing if the characters are transporting to some island in One Piece. Not that I have anything against One Piece nor is there really a need to put this rule down but I just have to put it out there.

2. Sex is allowed. F/F, F/M and M/M are all allowed.

3. Gore is not allowed. Death is. Confusing but I have an out there example that, ugh, I saw on the internet that I’ll tell in a sec. Death is allowed and characters bleeding out, getting bullet holes through the chest, or detailed digestion in a stomach, breast, or penis, is fine. What is not fine is fucking a severed head. Yeah, it exists out there. So, I’m taking a firm stance on that. But that is an example of what I wouldn’t allow.

4. Now, the question is what can the boys do? Well, the girls can have anything be done to them. The boys not so much but I will allow the boys to shrink (of course) and vore. After all, they are the ones who can do the cock vores. I get giddy at the thought of Uraraka curled up like a ball in Bakugou’s belly. Not that I ship them... ok, maybe 5% I do.

So, Boys can be shrunk, vore, and have sex. Girls can do anything.

October 2018 me no longer agrees with April 2018 me. Boys can have anything done to or by them like the girls.

5. Try to have at least two paragraphs for an entry. Two sentences for making more choices. I’ll look over your work to see if I can correct any mistakes, like spelling errors. If you mess something up and like to change a bit of it, email me. I’ll try my best notice anything and fix it. Or delete if it’s really bad. Though, I don’t think it’ll come to it.

6. At this point, you are probably asking is this just for porn. No, it doesn’t have to be. You can make a legitimate story. In fact, I encourage it! It is the reason I allow death.

7. Eri and characters like her... I’ll be watching to see if anyone goes too far. That being said, I don’t mind her handling tiny people and being naughty. Or same-size voring people or getting vored herself. It’s the normal sex part that I’m iffy about. It is the Internet and it’s just fiction... I haven’t made my mind up on that. I guess it’ll come down to the way it happens. Please email me your thoughts about this if you have any ideas.

Expansion Quirk
This quirk allows the user to expand or shrink any body part of themselves or anyone they touch.
The user expands the chosen body or body part, by taking in air molecules and transforming them into the need atomic matter to fill the gap that are made when they stretch out the space between particles.
The user can shrink himself to up to a 100th of their current size by condensing particles within their body, this allows them to move quicker but also be able to punch as if they were their original size. The user can also shrink others just by touching them and expand their bodies or body part as long as they are within.
(These details were thought up, and written by, Slime-J. A fellow writer on Writing.com.)

Since the series is still going, there will be more names coming later on. So we need the more option open for more characters coming in the future.

Is.. that all? I hope so. I don’t want to impose too many rules that could restrict creativity. If something more needs to be addressed, I’ll edit this page.

Now, why are you still here? *Confused* Go on. You don’t want to miss your first day at Hero Academia, now do you?

Personal pride

Yes! The My Hero Academia: Expansion Quirk has reached to 2,000 views! Thank you for your curiosity. I hope you continue to enjoy this interactive! It is currently at 33 entires, all had been made by me, and will continue to get bigger.

Hooray! My Hero Academia: Expansion Quirk has reach to 7,072 views! Again, thank you very much for your curiosity. I have far more content now than I did three months ago. 66 entires. Most of them I made but I did have two others make some chapters too. Which I very much enjoyed having. I wonder what future chapters will hold.
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