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  1. New Mission
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our three spies must stop a mistress from turning the world into her own latex paradies
Chapter 1

New Mission

    by: thundercharge   More by this author
It was a day like any other for sam, clover and alex as they walk through the mall.
Suddenly they were sucked into a garbage bin, slided down the tunnel and landed rather hard on the couch in jerry's office.

"girls, we have a new mission" jerry announced. Sam as the first to sit herself up asked "what is it jerry?"

"we have a case of several missed people and at every crime scene we found a note for a fetishclub which is located in japan.
the owner of the fetishclub seems to be a mistress Yoko Shimura.
You are to depart immediately to investigate were the people are.

Good luck to you spies"
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