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  1. 5 years old.
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In honor of the deleted Potty Training Tales, I've decided to, in essence, recreate it
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Chapter 3

5 years old.

    by: ShadowBlade   More by this author
1. Roy, a bear's last day in diapers
Your fifth birthday arrives, and you're ready to play and eat and have fun! Wait, what's this 'potty' thingy? Why, don't matter, it's your birthday!

2. Rex, specially educated dog.
Mommy says that you're "slow" and that you need "help" learning to use the "potty" and learn other big boy things... You operate at the intelligence of a 2 year old.

3. Frederick, bedwetting crow.
You're the only one who needs a diaper for your nap at daycare... Can you overcome this and Make friends?
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