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A seventh installment of trait swapping antics at Wilko, and elsewhere.

A seventh installment of trait swapping antics at Wilko, and elsewhere.

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Wilko is a discount hardware store in the English town of Rotherham, and is situated in the town center, surrounded by other smaller businesses. Among these other businesses is a beauty salon named Beautylicious, a small cafe called The Bread Basket, a florists called The Rose Garden, a book and stationary store, W.H Smiths and a clothing store, Internacionale. A new beauty salon, Lash Academy, is now open a couple miles away.

Most of the regular characters from the sixth story will be present, but there will be some changes. Several characters will disappear and some new ones will be introduced. Story plots can take place outside of Wilko of course.

Wilko Employees:

Emma, 45, is the manager of the store. She is 5'4" tall, has long dark brown hair just past her shoulders and C-cup breasts. She's friendly, polite and helpful, and most of the staff agree she is a good manager. At work she wears a short-sleeved white blouse, a pair of boot-cut, black, women's slacks and a pair of black, 2-inch heeled shoes. She's married to Kyle, 43, and has a daughter, Alice, 15.

Elizabeth, 33, is the assistant manager of the store. She has short blonde hair and stands at 5'5" without her heels on. At work always wears a skirt suit (sometimes a trouser suit), and high heels, her B-Cup breasts are a "nice handful". She is still one of the youngest managers in the company and she is fair and understanding. Elizabeth has a partner, Carl, 38, and is now the mother of a one-year old daughter, Chloe.

Liz, 36, is the staff supervisor. She is 5'4" tall, her light blondish-brown hair is long, past her shoulders and she wears it in a ponytail most of the time. She has size 30H-cup breasts and an average figure. Liz doesn't like wearing skirts and only wears dresses on special occasions. While at work she wears a red, company polo shirt, black, boot-cut trousers, socks and a pair of black Skechers sneakers. Liz is married to her husband Eric, 51, and has a three-year old son, Ethan (via artificial insemination). Eric has a son, Reece, 26, and a daughter, Courtney, 20, from his previous marriage.

Natalie, 32, is now the assistant staff supervisor following Caroline's departure. She is a fairly attractive woman with shoulder-length, straight brown hair with blonde highlights, she stands 5'6" tall and is very slender, has a modest backside and C-cup breasts. Not overly curvy, she is still very pleasing to the eye. Natalie is married to her husband Mike and is the mother of a 15-month old son, Harry.

Gemma, 29, is the HR Rep who regularly visits the store. She is 5'4", very attractive, has straight, blonde hair just down to her shoulders, C-cup breasts and a nice figure. Wears stylish, feminine clothes, including a pair of black, round-toe pumps with 3-inch heels for a height boost. She is currently single after dumping her last boyfriend Greg. Gemma is intelligent and confident and can be sharp with people if she's irritated. She's not very popular among the Wilko staff, despite her sexy appearance.

Steven, 39, the oldest male employee, he is 6'0" tall, he wears glasses and is 'average' looking, has very short, brown hair. He isn't one for going out and enjoying himself with others, preferring to stay indoors. He nonetheless likes and gets along with his co-workers and friends. Steven wears black safety boots along with his black trousers and Wilko shirt. Steven remains a virgin, having shown no real interest in a relationship.

Josh, 35, 5'10" tall, moved to England from the U.S. because his wife Marcie had accepted a job at the local university. He had got himself a part-time job at Wilko while he searched for something better. Always looking to try something new and ready for an adventure. Short brown hair with brilliant blue eyes. He wears the usual black trousers and black shoes with his Wilko shirt.

Aaron, 31, he is about 5'10" tall, quite fit physically but he has let his physique go a little the past year. He is still a heavy smoker, and sometimes smokes weed. Known for his bad moods, he sometimes refrains from speaking to anyone. Usually wears colorful sneakers along with his usual black trousers and company polo. Aaron has a chubby girlfriend called Sue and they now have a baby daughter named Kirsty.

Becca, 28, the chattiest worker in the store, standing about 5'5". She has put on a tiny bit of weight over the past 12 months, which has made her ass a little bigger also, and her breasts are now a C-cup. She has also outgrown her goth phase and her hair is back to it's natural brown color. She now wears normal black slacks instead of jeans and either black sneakers or leather flats. Despite her minor weight gain, Becca now has a boyfriend called Shaun, 26, a skinny, 5'9" guy with spiked ginger hair who is into punk rock.

Luke, 25, a tall individual at 6'2" in height, has a short, dark brown crewcut hairstyle and is quite handsome and fit. He is popular and easy going, always one to have a laugh with his friends. He wears a red company shirt, black pants and smart, dress shoes. Also has a thing for Rebekah still, even though he has a girlfriend, Rachel, 24.

Mark, 27, standing 6'1" tall, he is gangly and has short black hair, spiked on top. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and has average looks, but is good natured and surprisingly he is engaged to an attractive girlfriend named Vicky, who is 23 years old. The usual red company shirt is accompanied by Mark's black trousers and his black sneakers.

Rebekah, 23, one of the friendliest and prettiest staff members, very cute girl, shapely figure, about 5'5" tall, long blonde hair, B-Cup breasts. She no longer wears braces on her teeth and now looks much more mature and sexier. Very warm personality. She's still dating a boy she met in Spain while studying over there, and his name is Sebastian, 21.

Laura, 22, a shy, quiet girl and Rebekah's best friend. Standing about 5'5" tall, she also wears her dark blonde hair in a plait style at work, and wears the trademark company polo shirt, black, boot-cut trousers, black tights underneath and a pair of sensible black flats with a single strap across the top of each foot. This delightful individual has perky B-Cup breasts and is quite attractive. She has a good looking new boyfriend called Dylan, 24.

Mona, 23, a pretty Iranian-born Muslim girl, about 5'4" in height, B-cup breasts, black hair (she does not wear a headscarf, unlike her mother). She wears contacts (or glasses), as well as the usual company shirt, she wears black trousers or jeans and either a pair of ballet flats or dark sneakers. Wears a necklace with an Islamic crescent hanging from it. She is still without a boyfriend.

Charlotte, a 23-year old girl, she isn't one for keeping her opinion to herself regardless how offensive it might be deemed to others. That said, she has matured a little the past 12 months. She is the second tallest girl in the store at 5'9" tall, wears her dark hair in a bun most time, and occasionally in a ponytail or down, she also has B-Cup breasts. She wears black pants/leggings and either flats or purple plimsolls. Charlotte is dating a boy she met in college, Jacob, 22.

Jade, 23 years old, she has long auburn hair, which she nearly always wears down, but occasionally in a messy bun. Jade is about 5'7" and is also on the slender side, but what sticks out about Jade most is not her breasts, which are barely into a C-cup, but the several piercings that adorn her body. She is usually dressed in the company polo, a pair of tight women's pants and black lace-up shoes. Jade is not a very chatty girl, preferring to work by herself most of the time, and she's into rock music and some metal bands.

Rob, 22, a slender guy with short black hair, 5'9" tall, decent looks. He knows how to have a laugh and is a decent worker. Though he is known to slack off if those around him are doing the same. Wears black trousers and black sneakers as well as his Wilko polo. Rob has a new 'casual' girlfriend, a cute 5'4" brunette named Stacey, 20.

Liam, 21, pretty much the worst employee at Wilko as far as work rate is concerned. Liam is 5'8" and has long brown hair in a messy ponytail. Certainly not ugly but not male model material either. Works at his own pace, despite the best efforts of the senior staff to improve his performance. He's not very popular with the other staff because of his lax attitude. He wears his company shirt, normal black trousers and a pair of heavy black boots or sneakers. Liam hasn't managed to find himself a girlfriend..

Kiran, 20, is a former Parkgate employee. She is a petite girl, the shortest employee at 5'0" tall, and has long dark brown hair, either worn down or in a ponytail. She's cute and has a nice figure, along with B-cup breasts. She also has an outgoing personality. Likes to wear high waist black trousers and ballet flats when she's working. Kiran has a boyfriend named Sean,19.

Jessica, 26, is an attractive, slender red-head, 5'5" tall and has C-cup breasts. She is also previously from Parkgate. She's outgoing, polite and acts very "girly", and with her red Wilko blouse/polo shirt and black trousers she also wears either a pair of black high heel ankle boots or stiletto pumps. She wears her ginger hair in a ponytail and she is currently single. Jessica is also heavily into environmentalism and donates to charities.

Michael, 24, is a tall, broad shouldered employee with short, neatly-combed dark hair. He's about 6' 1" tall, has kind of a smug personality and isn't a stranger to skipping work whenever he can get away with it. Though he isn't as bad as Liam is at slacking. Michael wears a Wilko formal shirt instead of a polo shirt, black pants and smart black shoes. Michael is now engaged to his girlfriend Amy, 21.

Jodie, 22, is a redheaded girl with freckles, she stands 5' 4" tall and normally wears her long red hair down while she works. She has C-cup breasts and she wears the usual Wilko blouse/polo shirt, black trousers, socks and a pair of well-worn flats. She seems to be the quiet sort, not known to smile a lot, and is now the mother of a baby boy, Oliver, whose father wants nothing to do with him or Jodie following a family feud. Because of stress, she has started smoking again.

Ellie, 21, a 5'3", friendly girl with light brown hair reaching to halfway down her back. She has a full figure but is not chubby, she also has perky C-cup breasts and a nice big ass which comes close to Becca's in size. She wears black slacks and black suede slip-on shoes with her company polo shirt. Ellie does not have a boyfriend at the moment.

Darrell, 26, is a half-caste employee who was born in London, has a white mother and black father. He is one of the tallest individuals in the store at 6'2", is good looking, has a buzz cut, and is the most muscular of all the male employees. He wears the Wilko polo shirt, black trousers and Nike sneakers. Darrell has a black girlfriend, Alisha, 23.

Claire, 21, is one of the store's more diligent workers. She stands at 5'10", making her the tallest girl at Wilko, ahead of Charlotte, and is very slender, lacking any noticeable curves. She has small A-cup boobs and a boyish ass, she has cropped, dark red hair and she wears designer glasses. She's a timid girl, but also friendly and chatty when engaged in conversation. She's currently single.

Daniel, 30, is 5'11" tall, slender build, has a black goatee and moustache that matches his short, jet black hair. Daniel is the quiet sort, hardly ever seen talking, preferring instead to get on with his work. Daniel is now in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Lindsey.

Kaysie, 31, is 5'6" tall, has a bit of a full figure but certainly isn't chubby, breasts just into a D-cup. Her dark blonde hair is worn up in a messy bun style. She is average in looks, but is polite and sociable and is married to her husband Thomas, 33. Along with her red Wilko polo shirt (and optional red fleece jacket, she wears plain women's black slacks, tights underneath and black ballet flats.

Emily, 21, is 5'5", pretty, has a decent figure and is a quiet, slightly nerdy looking girl, preferring to keep to herself most of the time. She has C-cup breasts, wears dark-rimmed glasses and has long dark hair that she wears up in a ponytail. At work she wears the usual company polo shirt (fleece optional), fairly tight black slacks, black tights underneath and a pair of women's black patent loafers with a slight chunky heel. She does not currently have a boyfriend.

Paul, 20, is blonde and has a close shaved head. He's 5'9" tall and quite slender, but is nonetheless physically fit due to occasional visits to the gym and playing football/soccer. He tends to keep to himself most of the time and is a smoker, like Aaron and Jodie. Paul is currently single and not looking for a girlfriend at the moment having just come out of a relationship with his ex girlfriend Michelle. Paul wears the usual black trousers, socks, sneakers and a Wilko polo shirt.

Nat, a 22-year old girl from the US. She's a new employee and a friend of former employee David. She's a very femme lesbian who loves to wear skirts and dresses and other girly clothes. She's has an assertive personality and a bit of a rebellious streak. She's 5'5" tall and has C-cup breasts. She has shoulder length brown hair, currently dyed bright blue, that she either wears down or in a loose braid. She has a few piercings and a couple small tattoos. She wears a red Wilko blouse, a black skirt as short as the dress code allows, and a pair of cute black boots. She moved to England with her girlfriend Allie, 22, a short, petite tomboy, who is from England originally and works as a computer programmer at a local software company.

Michelle, 30, one of the newest employees at Wilko. Not the most intelligent person, she is nonetheless a polite, cheerful woman with straight brown hair that she wears in a ponytail at work. She is 5'5" tall, pretty and has a decent figure and C-cup breasts. At work she wears the usual Wilko polo, tight black slacks and some black suede flats. Michelle is married to her husband Jonathan, 31, but has no kids.

Kelly, 35, another new starter at the store. She's an outgoing woman, 5'6" tall, also has a nice figure and a pair of breasts just into a D-cup, she has ash blonde hair that she wears up in a bun style while working. She wears black boot-cut trousers and a pair of black suede, flat ankle boots along with the usual red polo shirt. She is currently engaged to her long-term fiancé Anthony, 33 and they have a 7-year old daughter named Molly.

Alex, 22, is another new male employee, of Chinese descent, he has lived in England his whole life. A somewhat awkwardly social individual, Alex spends a lot of time on his own, but can work well enough as part of a group, as his job often calls for. He is 5'7" tall, has black shaggy hair, wears glasses and has an average body type for someone his stature. Likes to wear black jeans and black & white converse sneakers with his Wilko attire. Alex is single.

Ruby, 17, is another newbie at Wilko and the youngest permanent employee. She's very quiet but witty, stands 5'4" tall, has B-cup breasts and straight, dark red hair that she likes to wear down. She is also a polite girl, and doesn't slack off. With her polo shirt and fleece, she wears a pair of tight black pants and a pair of lace-up black shoes. Ruby lives at home with her mother and older sister Olivia, 23, her father having left when she was young.

Luis, 20, is of Dominican descent, his parents also having moved to the England when he was little. Newly employed by Wilko, Luis is a good looking guy, 5'10" tall, has short dark hair and a goatee, and he also has an athletic figure. He is outgoing and very respectful due to a good upbringing by his parents, Javier and Isabella. He wears the usual black trousers and shoes/sneakers along with his red polo shirt as per company policy.

Ryan, 17, is one of the two new temps hired by Emma, he is 5'11" tall, has an average build and short brown hair in a crewcut. His family is from Ireland and despite living in England for over three years, he still has his strong native accent. He is pretty sociable and he has pretty redheaded English girlfriend, Jennifer, 18.

Nathan, 18, is the other new temp hired to work at the store, 6'0" tall, has black hair in a fade cut style. He is not as sociable as most teenagers, but that doesn't seem to negatively effect his contact with others. He also likes sports and likes to go out jogging regularly. Nathan recently ended his six month relationship with his only girlfriend, Katie, a former classmate at high school, and he is currently single.

Beautylicious Employees:

Carly, 36, daughter of ex-Wilko employee Andrea, she has bobbed, stylish blonde hair. Very attractive, she stands 5' 2" tall and has nice C-Cup breasts to go with her curvy figure. She's very careful to keep her body in shape and is a very polite, outgoing girl who likes to party. She is a self-employed beautician and she knows Steven and Liz personally. She has a very muscular boyfriend called Darren, 38.

Joanne, 35, is Carly's "second" at Beautylicious. This stunner certainly gets looks from the horny guys, 5'5" tall, perfect C-cup breasts, long, wavy, brown hair, a very curvy figure, supermodel good looks and an outgoing, friendly attitude to match. She has a boyfriend called Russell, an average sort of guy who is the absolute envy of his friends.

Hannah, 29, is a new employee at the salon, brought in to replace Zoe after she left to run her own salon. Hannah is Jewish, born in Israel, 5'6" tall, pretty, has strawberry blonde hair she usually likes to wear in a stylish ponytail, she has a nice figure and C-cup breasts. She likes to dress very feminine like Carly and Joanne. She currently has no boyfriend.

Lash Academy Employees:

Zoe, 35, Carly's best friend who used to work with her at Beautylicious, but she now owns her own salon a few miles away that specializes mainly in lashes. Though manicures and other beauty treatments are also done at Lash Academy. Zoe is 5'10" tall, has large D-cup breasts, a full figure and she has long, dark brown hair that she likes to wear in various styles, depending on her mood. She sometimes wears designer glasses and is very attractive and out-going, loves her 'girly' clothes...much like Carly does. She's also married to her husband Chris and has a 7-year old daughter, Arissia.

Meghan, 32, is a stunning woman with blonde hair who likes to dye her roots black and she prefers wearing her hair in a high ponytail. She is a qualified lash technician employed by Zoe to assist her. She is also a qualified manicurist. Standing 5'6" tall, Meghan has a shapely figure and a pair of perfectly shaped C-cup breasts. She has killer legs and is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend James, 30.

Leanne, 28, is Lash Academy's qualified masseuse and another good friend of Zoe's. Standing only an inch shorter than Zoe at 5'9", Leanne has long dark hair, a curvy figure, a large ass that turns many heads and a pair of DD-cup breasts. Leanne is engaged to her French boyfriend Leon Rousseau, 30.

Holly, 23, is the youngest employee at Lash Academy, and is responsible for the waxing and tanning of clients. Not overly stunning, she is nonetheless quite pretty, she likes to wear her ash blonde hair in twin plaits, she is 5'5" tall and has B-cup breasts. Holly is currently single, looking for a boyfriend.

More characters may be added over time.
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