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by ex2000
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #2174704
In the vast cosmos the planet TF-J3FF is an marvelous mystery

In the vast cosmos the planet TF-J3FF is an marvelous mystery

This is an interactive story containing 14 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
The planet TF-J3FF was found in 22XX by the Earth Exploration Team. At first they just noted the presence of many rare isotopes and a lush biosphere, capable of supporting life. Also in their initial report it was mentioned that it could hold a fantastic strategic position for the growing United Earth Empire and its colonies, as it existed not far from the Rouge Sector: a group who refuses to accept United Earth rule. Rouge colonies, colonies that act independently from the United Earth Empire aren't uncommon but the Rouge Sector is a conglomeration with enough military might to be a concern.

The planet's information was updated in a later survey. There are signs of multiple species of potentially intelligent life on the surface, but it seems that almost everything on its surface has profound mutagen capabilities. Venom and toxins from animals cause a wide variety of transformations, almost always ending in the researcher being altered permanently, barring surgery and/or therapy. The planet was placed on a level 2 quarantine, restrictive enough to stop a causal cruise from stopping by unannounced, but those with official business can easily receive a pass.

Over the next few years, government funded scientists, corporate research teams, independent prospectors, and clever curious people have made their way to the surface, and brought back strange and exotic species, treasures of precious metals, and stories. Stories of the strange shit they saw, stories of their parties going missing, bit by spiders and turned into horny monsters, fondled by tentacles and dragged into the darkness, lost in transformative swamps of toxic goo and some going mad. It was hard to separate the fact from the fiction, as a tale from one eyed jack was gripping and realistic, but had no groundings in reality, while trustworthy scientific journals detailed flowers that made men into cheerleaders over the course of 24 hours. The planet became myth, legend, and even as the rare surviving members of teams made it back to civilization with world changing samples, whether it be because the sample leads to a scientific breakthrough in gene therapy, or becomes a plague ripping through planetary systems, talks of it are treated often more as folklore than fact.

But you are destined to go on an adventure there. The Transformation Planet holds many secrets, and many more dangers. Few who enter ever leave, and even fewer leave recognizable as who they once were, especially the men. How long can you survive on TF-J3FF, the biosphere of the bizarre, the Transformation Planet?


Rules interactive chapters

This is an interactive story with written with passive reading in mind. As a result I would like to start with a few guidelines. They are not hard and fast rules, but rather pet peeves that may lead to an edit from me in certain contexts.

Perspective: This story is in 2nd person perspective. The reader is the character in question which means its not 'I opened the door' or 'Jack opened the door' but rather 'You opened the door'.

Reader's Choice: Reader's Choice is an extremely powerful tool that, in my opinion, should be used sparingly. Many times a reader just wants to follow the story to see where it goes. An option listed as Reader's Choice has nearly limitless potential in the hands of a writer, but tells the reader nothing about the choice they may be selecting in the future. If you feel you must add blank options for another writer making it 'other choices' leaves rooms for more options for the reader, that can now be clearly labeled by another writer that comes across it later. I do understand the appeal of Reader's Choice, but it will likely lead to a later edit from me when some one fills in the readers choice for the option to reflect the direction the story goes.

'Other' Chains: On the other end, when other option chapters chain into each other it can become frustrating to page through chapter after chapter, especially when you just want to continue the other story. This is especially true when those adding the chapters can only have 2 options, leading to 'the possible choice' and 'other'. If you find yourself in an other chain that is starting to get long in the tooth (lets say 5 others deep) feel free to treat that final other as a 'reader's choice' or if you see it getting that way, it is acceptable to use 'reader's choice'

Fetishes: I like to believe Planet Transformation to have a little something for everyone. That being said, I am human and I certainly have my preferences (cough cough TG cough). I would like to keep fetishes involving bodily waste out of this. Planet Transformation is meant to ride the line between campy tongue and cheek fun, and drama from the implications there of. As a result I would like to see minimal depictions of torturous situations (a quick rule of thumb, if the person is screaming in pain, take a full minute consider the tone of the chapter and story line.). Death should also be kept to a minimum, but it is still possible for the main character to die if put in a truly fatal situation.

Endings: Ending a plot line is fine, but should be considered. A never ending story will never have a satisfying conclusion. If you've taken a plot line out to a point where there are no more interesting decisions to be made, feel free to give it a proper ending. That being said some writers may want to add to your ending and/or still play with the ideas in that particular line. I would suggest making it a soft ending. Instead of having no continuation options, you can leave behind a single continuation option called epilogue. Aside from that please give 2 options at the end of each chapter unless its a true complete ending, or for an epilogue.

Chapters: Chapters don't need to be massive, or even spectacularly descriptive, especially chapters that serve more as branching out points, but they should be important. They should describe why you the character might think of the options below if there isn't much to describe before making another decision, or they should give some degree of insight, some clue as to what might come ahead. At the same time giving a book for a chapter may be a bit too much. It really is a common sense measurement here. What is important is that the chapter is complete. For example, don't give a plot hook set up as a character enters a room, with the options below being, 'description of the room' 'reader's choice' 'reader's choice'. Commit to your vision for your chapter.

Pictures: Pictures aught to be used sparingly here. A visual aid is fine, but you probably don't need more than one per chapter. Of course there may be specific instances where multiple aides are appropriate, but I'd rather see people flexing their imagery than their imgur. Also a reliance on pictures puts a hard limit on your creative expression. This is a world where just about anything goes, and you could turn the characters into some very exotic beauties. If you need to rely on images, I understand, but consider this a challenge from me to all of you to try to describe the images you find rather than post the picture itself.

Fun: Most importantly the entire setting and concept is to be played with. Its not meant to be taken to seriously. Its a planet with an excuse for some erotic transformation based fun. You can make arcs trying to uncover deeper mysteries, or you could just see how many creative ways you can describe growing boobs you can think of. Whatever floats your boat.

Questions: I'm always open to a PM if you have questions, want advice, or you see something strange of off-putting in the story. I intend to keep this story well groomed for everyone to enjoy.
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