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A Girlfriend shrinks herself to hopefully please her boyfriends weird fantasy.

A Girlfriend shrinks herself to hopefully please her boyfriends weird fantasy.

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This story is about the girlfriend Sophia shrinking herself after she found out about her biyfreinds weird fantasy about having a tiny woman but she has no idea what his intentions are.

Sophia is what most people would call a basic girl. She’s been together whit her boyfriend now for a few years and loves him whit all of her heart. Her tastes when it comes to fantasies and fetishes are generally vanilla. The “weirdest” thing she’s done is having her boyfriend licking her feet and that’s only been a one time thing as she felt way to weirded out. She’s generally thin and has long beautiful blonde hair paired whit blue eyes.
Image: https://www.deviantart.com/raichiyo33/art/Blondie-681154863

She’s been freind whit Sophia since Sophia was very young mostly through their parents that spend a lot of time whit eachother. She’s abit more wild in comparison to her younger freind. She loves going out partying and clubbing and also has a wide imagination. She loves exploration when it comes to different sexual acts. She’s abit on the heavier side and got long black hair.
Image: https://www.deviantart.com/magion02/art/Goodbye-779141748

He’s been together whit Sophia for a few years but is slowly starting to grow tired of her. She’s very restrictive and boring when it comes to what he’s allowed to do in the bedroom. Recently he’s been talking abit whit Emma and they both seem to have a lot in common.

He’s always been pestering Sophia when she’s visited them. He’s even been giving her these weird stares but Sophia have mostly just been ignoring him in general.

Kevin’s mother. She’s always been so sweat to Sophia but she’s been told that she’s only acting like that around her. She seems to like her much more than Kevin’s previous girlfriends.
Image: https://www.deviantart.com/raichiyo33/art/Glasses-667580201

He’s rarely home and spends most of his time at his office. He’s pretty tall and got a typical dad body. When he’s around her he sometimes acts strange or creepy...

The babysitter.
She’s this little ball of shunshine that is impossible to be sad around. She mostly takes care of max but also other family’s children in the neighborhood.
Image: https://www.deviantart.com/magion02/art/Summer-Themed-Assistant-765766114

(I am currently just starting this story up so I’ll add pictures for the caracthers later. Also if you have any requests of what you’d like to see happen in this story please send a message)
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