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Imagine todays society and world but with shrinking technology involved in everyday life.

Imagine todays society and world but with shrinking technology involved in everyday life.

This is an interactive story containing 4 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Take a second to think truly think what a world would look like with shrinking technology and assume that this technology is extremely expensive so only massive organizations inventing company ShrinkTech and the governments have easy access too this trechnology.
Then imagine how this technology would be helping us in modern society 10 years later , Hospitals,Airports,Homeless, Military , among many more uses ,think of some fun ones,Like Celebritys doing ads while shrunk , or if giantess pornograhy videos had real shrunken actors,.

Now that you have seen this world this is the place im trying to create im this interactive ,Not alone though ,with all you and your stories you can add on i encourage it im sure we will create somthin Fun! Somthing intresting that tells us all about people ,somthing intriguing or somthing that makes a statement in this world or in ours i emplore you to enjoy

I will lay down a few rules though not very many because i want to allow as much freedom as possible, like yes this is primary sexual in nature and erotic but if you wanna have a shrunken adventure story or survival segment or storyline go on ahead just have some sexual hints or teases? , i love both either way you want to write but the rules are....
1.no underage 18 or older for this sorry but no way i will accept anything younger for any reason more than just mentioning a younger sibling ,anymore and i will be forced to delete if its even remotely sexual in nature.
2.No Poop toilet stuff no scat either please
3. No one word or one sentence chapters
4.feel free to have deaths just not an over abundence of them.
5.Long chapters are preffered but short 2 3 paragarphs Can be just as good, generally quality over quanity But both is BEST
6.Have fun and feel free to create your own characters besides the ones ill start with below and REMEBER ANYone can shrink or be shrunk or un shrink and even shrink again so do whatever you want dosent have to be the same old stories feel free to change the rythem

Starting Characters:

Gwendolyn Andrizze-
To you Gwen has a perfect body big Breasts but not stupid massive fun sized funbags , and a massive ass that go so well with her thighs ,she had blond hair thats now dyed brown. Her personality is Simply fun she just loves to try new thing have fun ,sexual stuff or not ,though youd think it dosent fit her personality has plans in criminal justice field. But gwen after playing is upmost serious about her friends and will do anything to protect them if she can within reason and logic. Shes a near pale white skin tone and used to be one of your closest friends but you guys drifted apart Age:20

Rosie Morgan
To you rosie seemed like the perfect girl for you she was gorgeous but not without flaws ,like you making you think she might barely be in your leauge. A MASSIVE white girl ass but tiny titties still has titties there just very small.Also Goddess Like Thighs and cute painted toinails usually.Shes currently a good friend in a friend group and one night you and her had a thing. Her personality is super flirty and sexual, but underneath extremeley depressed after recently finally getting out of a Abusive relationship for years often thinks of suicide sadly. Because of this lately she hoes around with guys and smoke weed, and you guys are starting not to talk as much.

Alissa Han

Probably one of the smartest friends you have allisa Asian very fit asian tanned and tonned but small breasts like low C high B so not tiny. Shes basically the definition of a self made woman amazing your last best friend though you guys never hang out because somones always busy ,you like having her as a friend even if you dont use her like you should. Her skins very smooth and shes always well taken care off ask very serious almost always but is very goofy underneath ,and hard to find but way deep down shes very caring.

Sarah Harroway
Real prestigious her dad was a amabassadoor shes extremely tall being around 6"4 last you saw her at prom years ago shes has dark black hair ,with a very slender build besides her very large ass and bountiful breasts ,and Perfect Face, just perfect. Lightskin tanned skin always trying to avoid a tan, Shes into everything liek videogames but not obbessed, likes movies Books and Debates not obbeseed ,like music and having fun with people ,and believe when she was younger had some sort of connection with the dead ,but hides that away from her life almost always. Soooo hot amazon figure veryy polite and nice but down for fun, but also super Booksmart. Last you saw her was prom and graduation a few years ago she went to a new far away college.

Yuk Lin Markin
Asian she has a short small build but with a very cute face with glasses and long legs and slightly above average sized breasts she was so right for you you guys hit it off she loved DbZ animes Doctor who Superheroes and literally everything you loved she loved and you too loved hanging out and just as you fell for each other she moved away to another country somewhere near Italy you guys wrote letters for almost a year then you too eventually lost touch and you always wondered if things were different

You- You are exactly who you are everyday in your life except you probably have a different job and you know/Knew these people as described aboved , guy or girl have fun!
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