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by Hectic
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You are a one inch tall student at a university for both tiny and regular sized people!

You are a one inch tall student at a university for both tiny and regular sized people!

This is an interactive story containing 149 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
A lot has changed in the past 20 years since the great shrinking epidemic swept across the world. In an event that some called a medical mystery and others called an act of god, a type of shrinking virus spread to every corner of the earth, affecting part of the population while leaving another part completely fine. Those who fell victim to this virus rapidly shrunk down to one inch tall, but at the same time gained a strange durability and malleability that has baffled scientists and doctors alike. However, the tiny people were not ones to complain about these newfound characteristics, as they were the only things preventing their lives from being taken by a stray step or anything else of that nature. The third most interesting aspect about this inexplicable shrinking is the fact that only men seem to have suffered from it, with women across the world remaining completely unaffected.

From the first day of the shrinking event it was expected that society would change drastically, and while it definitely did, surprisingly much of it remained the same. There was no evil women’s takeover or forced servitude of the now smaller men. For the most part, many men who had a job that did not require physical labor of any kind were able to continue living somewhat normal lives. Certain laws were put into place which prevented too much malicious behavior from befalling the tiny men, but these were really only enforced when a woman would purposefully try to kill, kidnap, or otherwise torture them. The vast majority of the time women would get away with any accidents between them and the tiny guys with a small slap on the wrists.

Into this world comes you, Thomas Swift, an 18 year old freshman at Middletown University, the closest college to your hometown. Like most other colleges in the country, Middletown University has taken steps to accommodate one inch tall students, but most tiny students would agree that they are a bit unsatisfactory. The dorm rooms are essentially 12”x12”x12” furnished cubes placed on the ground next to the girls’ regular sized dorm room front doors. Walkways were drawn on the sidewalks and labeled “tinies only” however they were only separated from the paths for regular sized people by a thin line of paint. Seating for the tiny men at sports games was similar, being a mere section of the bench separated from the girls by small lines of tape. There are countless more examples of this, these are only a few. In short, life was dangerous at times, but for you and many students like you, getting an education was worth the risk.

(these are just a few examples, feel free to add any characters you can think of that would make for good chapters! More girls, more one inch dudes that could be friends, anything)

Thomas Swift (You) - You have lightly tanned skin, hazel eyes, brown hair, and in your opinion, above average looks as well. Unlike many other men in the world you were young enough to have lived your entire life at the minuscule size of one inch. You never let your size bring you down, however, as you have made sure to remain outgoing and adventurous, even in potentially risky situations.

Chelsea Scott - Your next door neighbor. 18 years old. Living in the room right next to your cube, Chelsea is one of the girls you interact with the most. Luckily for you she is an incredibly chill person and seems to treat you with respect most of the time. This doesn’t mean she is above messing with your tiny stature, which she does at times, but you can tell that she never wants any real harm to befall you. As for her physical features she is a 6’0” volleyball player with long brunette hair and a body to die for. Her ass is massive, compared to you, yet toned by years of sports, and her boobs are nothing to scoff at either. You would be lying if you said that she wasn’t a total babe.

Amy Baker - Fellow student and political activist. 18 years old as well, Amy Baker is one of the more peculiar girls you have had the opportunity to know. She claims to call herself a “tiny rights activist” and can often be found protesting the treatment of small men like you. While this would seem like a commendable occupation, two things make you chuckle slightly at how overzealous she can get at times. First, the treatment of tiny people isn’t all that bad at your school. While you and your fellow male students found yourselves squashed accidentally with some regularity, the school did not tolerate any intentionally harmful behavior towards people like you. So overall, you never felt quite as passionate about the issues as Amy did. But the second and most absurdly ironic thing about her tiny activism is the fact that she is easily the ditziest girl you have ever known. She steps on, sits on, and otherwise unintentionally tortures more tiny guys than most other girls are capable of, sometimes at the same time as protesting that very treatment! While she always feels terrible upon discovering she does these things it doesn’t make her any more cautious to avoid it the next time. For Amy’s physical features, she is truly blessed to win some sort of genetic lottery, as she maintains an incredible hourglass figure despite never appearing to work out at all. Standing at 5’8”, her ass is even bigger than Chelsea’s, and significantly jigglier due to her reluctance to actually exercise. Her bust is equally outrageous, often preventing her from even seeing things… or people, right in front of her. She has dirty blonde, shoulder length hair and wears trendy, hip clothes.

Jessica Chamberlain - Daughter of the Dean. 20 years old. Jessica is your stereotypical privileged rich girl. While you wouldn’t classify her as evil persay, you can clearly tell that she doesn’t care much about the tiny student body. Most of the time she is essentially careless about you guys, expecting you to move out of her way without any effort on her part, but occasionally she will go out of her way to mess with the tiny students as well. The worst part of the whole situation is that her mother is the Dean of the school, and always makes sure that her daughter gets off with nothing more than a slap on the wrists when she is caught in these acts of mischief. Physically she is stunning, standing at 5’9”, though a bit on the slim side she still boasts more than respectable measurements. You can tell that she puts a lot of time, money, and effort into her appearance.


The interactive is written in second perspective so use you, your, etc. when referring to the main character of Thomas. That being said, feel free to shift to third person occasionally for the giantesses of the story, for example writing out thoughts that might be running through their heads. E.g. “You had only a second to look up before a giant foot crushed you flat. Up above, Chelsea heard a barely audible *squish* as she stepped into her room before looking down and thinking, “Oh man that’s probably Tom” while lifting her foot up to inspect it.”

Don’t kill Thomas and try to avoid hardcore violence overall really.

No one word to one sentence bridge chapters, try to aim for somewhere around 1,000 characters or 200 words at least (for reference my description of Jessica Chamberlain up there is 864 characters/160 words).

Most of the typical giantess topics are cool with me, as well as transformation related stuff like using the men’s malleability to turn them into clothing/a product. The things I don’t want to see are the following few: First, anything related to shit/scat is a no-go (farting is chill though). Second, any insertion/heavily sexual stuff isn’t my cup of tea (I might not outright delete well written chapters about this but I probably won’t add much to them without changing the topic). And third, no gay content between any of the tiny men (lesbian stuff is fine though).

That intro ended up way longer than I expected, but if you read it all then I really appreciate it! Read, add a chapter, whatever you want to do is cool, but most of all enjoy!

Edit/Update 5/24/2019 I've rewritten the chapter "Take Your Parent to School Day" and by doing that pretty much rewritten the entire character of Tom's mother. I've changed her from being an obsessive/paranoid parent always worrying about your safety to a bit more relaxed who often finds it humorous when she squishes you. My reasoning for this was that the characters of both Chelsea and Amy already have the response to be worried when they find you squashed, and Jessica enjoys your misery a bit too much, but there wasn't yet a character who would simply laugh at these ridiculous situations even though she didn't intend to cause them. Hopefully nobody was too attached to the old personality for the character, if you were I'm sorry to retcon it like this, but I feel like it opens up a new type of dynamic for Tom to deal with.
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