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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #2178457
A Teenage Boy Shrinks in class, how does he deal with his Giantess Lustful Classmates?

A Teenage Boy Shrinks in class, how does he deal with his Giantess Lustful Classmates?

This is an interactive story containing 117 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
(It's hard to add on to this Giantess interactive, so any additions really help a lot. I'll send over points to chapters being added by other people. Together we could make this a super long story.)


Your name is Denis. You were in class one day and you suddenly shrank to a tiny half an inch tall. You now need to get help and survive but you get a lot more than you ask for. This is your story.

Main Characters:

Denis-You- 17-Year-old Junior in Highschool, Black Hair, Green Eyes, Occasionally do some school sports, was 6'2 but is now half an inch tall.

Danielle/Daniella- One of your best friends- 17, Kinda a klutz but is very playful and mischievous, messes around during school a lot. Average height, long blonde hair

Ashley- Danielle's Friend-17, A huge stoner in your school so most of the time you see her in school she's high, Doesn't ever have a care in the world so she does whatever she really wants, Average Height, Long dirty blonde hair

Rachel-A good friend of yours- 17, very playful and jokes around a lot, A little innocent and nerdy but has a secret dirty side only her closest friends know including you, Average Height, Medium Sized Brown hair, Big lips

Becky- Girl in your class- 17, Very flirty and confident and like to be always dominant, Hot light skinned Latina girl, Taller than usual for a Girl (Same height as you normally), Long black hair

Brianna- Popular Girl- 16, A cute popular girl who isn't surrounded by people all the time, not rude but she does have some sass, very assertive and goes for what she wants, Shorter than Average Height, Long Black hair

Emma- Athletic Girl- 17, A girl who was really into sports she basically wears sports clothes to school every day, Besides that she's nice and sometimes hangs out with Danielle too, but she does have Body Odor issue sometimes, Taller than Average, Short dirty blonde hair.

Morgan-Obsessed Girl- 17, Girl in your class who is nice and flirty but is really obsessed with you this whole year now, she has asked you out three times now and has tried everything to get into your pants, You heard she has a fetish for a "Cat and Mouse" dynamic which was weird. Average Height, Short straight blonde hair

Jasmine-Party Girl- 17, A girl who always hosted parties in your school, doesn't show alot of emotion to serious things, she doesn't care alot, Average height, middle-eastern complexion- Long black hair.

Olivia- Kinda Goth Girl- 18, A Goth/Alternative Girl in the school, She's Bisexual meaning she likes both guys and girls, Your friends with her and she isn't that weird, but to the teachers she badly behaves, Super kinky but only shows that side to you, hangs around your age even though she is a senior and 18, Taller than Average Height (Tiny bit taller than you), Kinda short black hair with blue highlights, Always Wears Black.

Amanda- Younger Girl you know- 16, A Sophmore Girl who really wants to get down and dirty but never did anything with a guy, Really likes Denis(You) and has always wanted you and its obvious, she is really dirty, Taller than Average, Long dirty blonde hair, Big Thighs with a huge ass to add.

Natalie- Known Mean Bitch- 18, Hates Danielle and Rachel and by that also hates you a little, really bitchy and is always dominant as possible while also being a little cruel and teasing, Average Height her age (Tiny bit taller than you), Long red hair.

Mary- Japanese Transfer Student- 17, Japanese transfer student who lives with your family, Very gullible which Danielle uses her to mess around with you, has nearly perfect English, fairly innocent but has no idea on what is a personal bubble and will do stuff oblivious its not normal, Her little nickname for you was also "Denisu" Taller than Average (Same Height as you), Medium sized black hair.


Amy- Danielle's Older Sister- 18, Senior in Highschool and is literally a predator on her younger sisters guy friends, which you happen to be the only one guy she really is friends with. She is very assertive and playful and loves Roleplaying and playing games, Bites her lips a lot. Taller than your normal height, Long Dark Blonde Hair.

Alyssa- Random Girl- 17, She was a random girl in your school, not a lot to know about her besides she was friends with Becky, Average height, African American skin complexion on the lighter side, long curly black hair.

Payton- Just Some Random Girl- 16, A girl you barely knew except that she was the biggest troublemaker in the school, usually wears revealing clothes despite the dress code, Average height, She looks Vietnamese, short black hair.

More characters can be added in story if they have a good description

Rules For Adding:

No Family Encounters, No one younger than 15 or older than 19, Please do not add any males, stick to female characters mostly. Besides that, you make the story as kinky as you want as long as it's realistic and the character doesn't die.

Do not make the Character some Pervert or Sex Fiend, He is scared of being shrunk and really doesn't want to be doing anything sexual despite the girls wanting to.

Try your best to keep the story to Second Person Writing (You, Your, You're)

Have actual readable writing with good punctuation and sentences, small errors are easily changeable but if its too much errors I may delete the post altogether. Use Common Sense for when you are writing Additions. Make sure to have no run on sentences and write in paragraphs, do not have one giant paragraph for your addition.

And that's it, I'll try to add more Giantess as time continues and the last thing you need to know, just have fun.

My Discord is Denis 🗝#0771 if anyone would like to Roleplay as well :)
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