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  1. A Beautiful First Day of Vacation!
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A Teenager shrinks when he was on vacation during the Summer (Feel Free To Add On!)
Chapter 1

A Beautiful First Day of Vacation!

    by: DenisIsOnFire   More by this author
Your name is Denis, You are 16. A pretty average dude, played some high school sports, had a couple of girlfriends here and there, but nothing super interesting.

Summer had just broken out and you finally could do a trip with some of your friends, You guys did a lot of searching for where to go but finally decided on going to Florida, A place where many people visit for summer. After a bit you guys had packed up your stuff and left right away, it was a pretty long road trip but you somehow managed to sleep through it mostly.

You wake up fully refreshed, slowly lifting your eyes. "Where are we right now?" You ask.

"We're nearly here dude." One of your friends says from the front which makes you get up to look out the window at the passing palm trees. You guys were finally arriving at the hotel you would stay in for a week, all of you were excited. You quickly put all your suitcases in your room, unpacked and were changed before any of your friends.

You lied in your room waiting for your friends, they took absolutely forever. You had a weird light-headed feeling, you shook it off not knowing you'd be randomly shrunken in only a matter of minutes. You get up and decide to leave to the beach your hotel was nearby, you don't bother telling your friends where you go because they wouldn't notice.

You go outside and pass a bunch of girls you think were your age everywhere, You already knew you were gonna try some funny pick up lines here.

You make it to the beach before all your friends, It was so sunny out so it was looking great. You thought it was a perfect vacation that was awaiting you. You look around to see nearby places that interest you. Where do you go? (You shrink at the place you choose.)
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