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What happens when a Fortune Teller curses you? An interactive story perfect for foot fans!

What happens when a Fortune Teller curses you? An interactive story perfect for foot fans!

This is an interactive story containing 142 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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This story is brought to you by the same co-creators of 'Office Feet' - myself and Vincanity  . Check out our other interactives!

Ever been to a carnival before? Ever seen one of those creepy looking Fortune Teller tents? There's no way they can actually read your future, it's all fake.... Right?

Your name is Ethan, and you have just finished high school. You have a basketball scholarship lined up at a college halfway across the country and you're moving next week. So when your friends invite you to the annual carnival, you really can't say no!

After spotting one of those Fortune Teller tents, labelled 'Find Your Destiny With The Mystical Goddess Sasha...', you can't help but think about your future! You wonder if this Mystical Goddess could tell you how you will do at college. Maybe even see if you make it to the NBA! Your curiosity gets the better of you and you enter the tent...

Without a doubt, this proves to be the worst mistake of your life!

What happens when you meet Goddess Sasha and attempt to have your fortune told? Little do you know now but she has created a carnival based on your worst horrors. The Goddess has filled the carnival with ex girlfriends, enemies and rivals. She even manages to conjure up fictional characters that you've only ever read about in books or seen in movies... And they all have a common goal. To break you!

Another important factor is that Ethan has a serious hatred and revulsion for feet...expect that to be a major factor and obstacle on the journey!

Try to escape this carnival of horrors without being seduced, dominated, broken or even killed. Good luck!

Main Characters:

Ethan   - you, the main character. 18 years old, high school graduate and basketball player. Going to college on a sports scholarship, he has his entire life ahead of him... Or at least he thought! Tall, muscular physique, good-looking with wavy brown hair and can be a bit of a jerk. Others respect him due to his sporting prowess and charisma.

The Mystical Goddess Sasha - based on the real life Your Foot Goddess  . She is a Fortune Teller that is also a very powerful witch. She has the ability to manipulate minds, and enjoys putting arrogant men through hell. Her goal is to make men admit their inferiority to her and dedicate their lives to serving her for all eternity. Exotic and other-worldly, with a thick, foreign accent that's hard to place, this woman is both extremely attractive as well as dismissive and self-assured.

Lisa   - Ethan's ex girlfriend who he broke up with a few months ago. She is sexy and smart so why did Ethan dump her? She wasn't putting out for him so after a few fruitless months of trying to lay her he gave up and ended things. Short, athletic, tanned with a sometimes grumpy disposition.

Jessica   - Ethan has had a crush on this brunette for years! She is also on the cheerleading squad like Lisa, but is more confident and sassy. She believes she is a real princess and that every guy should wait on her hand and foot. For a guy not to worship the ground she walks on is considered a sin to her, a sin that should be punished! She is the only girl that Ethan struggles to be confident and cocky around.

Laura   - shy, dark-haired girl who used to be really good friends with Ethan up until a few years ago. At one point they were inseparable and loved playing computer games together. Since becoming more sporty and popular, Ethan discarded her, which left Laura hurt and resentful. Usually found buried in a book, generally a loner.

Celina  and Yasmine - Ethan's twin cousins who are nearly exactly a year older than him. Both of Lebanese descent from their Mum's side, these two girls are beautiful and glamorous. Big into feminism, which sounds contrary to their Arabic roots, they loathe Ethan and hate the fact that he can be an arrogant jerk. They used to tease him relentlessly and being older than him, ganged up on him, forcing him to paint their toenails and embarrass him!

Casey   - Ethan's oldest friend, he has known her since he was 5 years old. She is now a very good looking young woman! They went through grade school and high school together, sharing a history that makes them inseparable. Both being very attractive young people, they have often flirted playfully with one another but never taken it further due to their extremely close friendship. Ethan would trust Casey with his life.

Destiny  - Also from Ethan's high school, Destiny was the girl everybody avoided. She was a goth, always dressed in black with dark make up and dirty thick black boots. Students would often joke that she had worn the same boots since she started high school, but little did they know that was actually true, they were the same boots. She dabbles in witch craft, voodoo magic and believes she has powers. Ethan doesn't know her too well, and she doesn't really know him that well either.

Miss Stephens   - A young and attractive teacher just out of university, she was Ethan's Biology teacher from high school. She hates Ethan because she reminds him of the typical high school jocks that used to make fun of her when she was not so good looking back in high school. She actually failed Ethan in the hope that he would not get his scholarship, but was outraged to hear he was still offered the scholarship for his sporting ability. She would love to be the one to take him down!

Victoria - based on the real life Goddess Victoria   - A complete stranger, but this blonde sweetheart is so hot you can hardly stop yourself from drooling like a dog whenever you see her. It seems like she is always in the right place at the right time. When you're in a spot of trouble, need advice or are in desperate need of a saviour she seems to just... Appear? Using her help may be of benefit to you, but you better hope she is doing this just to be kind... Because if you owe her too much, you may be indebted to her!

And introducing Goddess Sasha's assistants...

Goddess Lucie - based on the real life Goddess Lucie  . This gorgeous British woman is an evil assistant of Goddess Sasha and is rumoured to be a manipulative seductress. She has shiny yellow hair and soft white skin, looking every bit the Goddess she is! However beware, because once she has you in her web at her flawless feet, you may never get out!

Goddess Bunny - based on the real life Goddess Bunny  . Goddess Bunny is your school girl seductress, with dyed ash hair and a look of innocence that is designed to draw you in, so she can then bring you to your knees at her perfect feet. Proceed with caution!

Goddess Lucie and Goddess Bunny can pop into the story at any point! Ethan would not know or recognise them; they could manipulate him in any way possible! For them, they would be 'winning' if they brought Ethan, willingly grovelling to Goddess Sasha at her feet!

Any other fictional or celebrity characters are welcome and encouraged! Goddess Sasha will scan what is in your mind to use against you!

Goddess Sasha will only reappear in the story if she is a) about to defeat Ethan and have him accept becoming her slave or b) he is doing too well at resisting the various women he gets involved with and has to force him to submit herself!


*Yinyang*Stick to second person and present tense e.g. you see someone coming towards you.
*Yinyang*Ethan can have ANYONE from his life involved - the characters above, real-life celebrities or fictional characters. Be as creative as you like!
*Yinyang*This is primarily a foot fetish interactive but other fetishes are welcome! Nothing too extreme such as vore, scat etc. nor any underage characters allowed.
*Yinyang*Only women are to be barefoot or to attempt dominating Ethan.
*Yinyang*Please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Incoherent chapters will be deleted. Option chapters (one liners with more choices) are fine.
*Yinyang*Have fun and enjoy the carnival experience!

Ending Chapters

*Yinyang*As mentioned about Goddess Sasha above, the story will end if Ethan fully surrenders to her. No more chapters after that point!
*Yinyang*The story can also end if Ethan dies during The Carnival experience!
*Yinyang*If, by some chance, Ethan is able to avoid surrendering to Goddess Sasha, than an ending chapter can be written to show that he 'wins'!
*Yinyang*Ending chapters are OK as long as there is always another option available!

Now it's time to find out what happens when you meet Goddess Sasha! You are most certainly in for a hell of a ride!
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