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One day you find a remote that allows you to swap an expansive list of things with anyone

One day you find a remote that allows you to swap an expansive list of things with anyone

This is an interactive story containing 228 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

You: Michael Jones (17) average looking guy with no overly out there personality traits

Your girlfriend: Avril Macavoy (17) quite good looking but not the most attractive person in school, most likely way out of your league

Your mother: Katherine Jones (41) used to work in a legal firm but is currently staying at home too look after your younger siblings

Your Father: David Jones (44) works at the same legal firm your mother worked at but has gained seniority over her old position which annoys her, he isn't home often due to work

Your older sister: Hannah (19) is currently taking a gap year before going to university to pursue a legal career like your parents, your Friends tell you she's exceptionally good looking

Your younger Brother: Kevin (13) Kevin is a wildcard, he seems to change what he's into almost every day and can't stay in one group for more than a day, he doesn't seem to like you all that much

Your younger sister: Stella (9) Stella is a stereotypical girly girl and loves all things pink and Barbie, she likes you but you don't relate on things very often

Youngest sister: Heather (5) Heather looks up your mother alot and tries to mimic her in any way possible including looking after James which is why your mother jokes that she's his second mother.

Your youngest brother: James (1) your brother James is quite smart for his age as he can form sentences provided they aren't too complex, he looks up to you and would likely do whatever you ask.

Your name is Michael Jones and on your way home from school you ran into a man in a trench coat and he dropped a small metal case. Inside the case was a remote and a manual, the manual read as follows:

Thank you for using the remote of swapping, to use the remote press the red button on the top of the device and time will pause providing you with a holographic display. To use the display indicate who you want to swap with by pointing or saying their name aloud and the display will appear provided you have line of sight.

The display contains an ever growing set of options as to what you can swap so let your imagination run wild, once you have selected everything you wish to swap with the target simply verbalise the word "Confirm" and the swap will commence! *Note all swaps will not be noticed unless the swappee maintains physical contact with the device*

Curious you tried the Remote on sombody in the park you passed and time stopped, you however didn't swap anything and it was at this moment you realised the power you now had.
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