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Brad and his wife Karen inherit a farm with a curious device hidden away.

Brad and his wife Karen inherit a farm with a curious device hidden away.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This interactive story is relatively new, so I’m working out some of the issues with it now. Rules and storylines may be slightly tweaked. I feel it’s a pretty solid foundation, so I think I’ll stop tinkering with it for now, other than adding more storyline options.

Brad and Karen are a happily married couple in their 40’s. They are both in great health and are semi-retired due to a large monetary inheritance, from his Uncle, that came with the farm. The farm is home to all kinds of animals, and they have a small staff to help them keep things running smoothly.

Brad - Brad is the nephew of Jack Watson, a talented amateur inventor whose early inventions brought him fame and fortune. Brad is the only Heir and acquired the whole estate after his uncle’s death. He is in relatively good shape, although he could stand to lose about 40 pounds and get rid of his beer gut. He shares his uncle’s curiosity as well as his desire to invent.

Karen - Karen is Brad’s wife of 20 years. She is a very attractive woman with lots of curves and wavy red hair. She isn’t as slim as she used to be, but the weight has gone to the right places. She is always looking for her next adventure and is excited about running a farm.

Brenda - Karen’s older sister. She is in excellent shape for her age and quite beautiful. She is very close to her sister and would do anything for her.

Julie - One of the farm hands who helps take care of the animals. Julie is in her early 20’s and works at the farm to help pay for college. She has worked at the farm since graduating high school.

Transformation Booth Rules:

1. The Booth can transform anyone into anything, as long as it isn't magic or super hero type powers.
2. Inanimate objects can have access to all or specific senses. Harming an inanimate object will have no effect on a successful transformation to the user’s original form. As long as a small piece of the object still exists, it can easily be returned to the user’s normal body. Any pieces that are not in the booth disappear from existence once the user is restored. There is an option to create a user "token" that contains the user's body data. This token can be used to bring the user back to their original body without having their transformed one.

3. The Booth has a timer feature to delay the actual transformation to happen at a specific time once you are outside the Booth. This allows the user to be in a more convenient area for the transformation to happen. Also, while the electronics and equipment are all located inside a building, there is a platform outside the room that can be used to transform or scan larger objects. If the user transformed into an Elephant, they would need to use the outdoor area to change back.

4. The interface for the Booth consist of a small LCD screen, a small keyboard, and a large scanning area. If the user prefers, they may scan a living being or inanimate object and store it as a preset. The terminal also has access to the internet if the user would like to find images for their desired transformation. There is an option to have the terminal to track the user's whereabouts and even transmit their vision and hearing (if that option has been implemented). These options have to be enabled so the user has privacy if they want it.

5. The device will not transform an inanimate object into a living one unless the object was a person that used the device. When any transformed object or living being is placed in the scanner, the machine will display their base stats on the screen.

6. The machine has a duration setting. This is used to make sure that the transformed body or object can stabilize its new form before altering it again. If the user overrides this feature, it can act in very unexpected ways. For example, the person may revert successfully, only to return to their transformed object or being at a random time in the future. The machine will configure the time automatically, based on the transformation.

7. It is possible that Brad’s Uncle is still alive, or has been transformed by the machine. The details of his accident were a little sketchy.

I reserve the right to modify or delete any additions that I see fit. I will periodically add new characters to the above descriptions, or some may evolve out of future additions added by you. Please use good grammar and check your spelling on any additions. I’m also certain that new device rules will evolve over time, out of necessity.


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