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by Hectic
Rated: E · Interactive · Erotica · #2200726
You are a one foot tall guy about to meet the family of his regular sized fiancé!

You are a one foot tall guy about to meet the family of his regular sized fiancé!

This is an interactive story containing 334 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Author's Note before the intro - I'm pretty sure this concept won't be as popular as the typical "one inch to a few inch tall" giantess stories like my other one for example. But I occasionally enjoy writing from the perspective of a main character a bit more noticeable/substantial than the usual tiny guy who is crushed and forgotten about without even being felt. I still plan on adding to both this story and "A Shrunken College Student" as regularly as I can, so for those of you who may be a fan of one of my stories and not the other, don't fret.


Your name is Jake Bigg (24) - In nearly every aspect of your life, you are a completely normal guy. Moderately tan skin, brown clean cut hair, a slender but athletic frame, and what you would consider a handsome face. All components of a typical young, attractive guy other than one thing; you are only one foot tall. Doctors and scientists alike have been stumped for the entirety of your life, trying to figure out how you can manage to exist at this height but without any of the typical health concerns or modified appearance of other humans who have been this size. The strangest part of all, however, is the fact that your miniature frame seems to be significantly more durable than that of the average regular sized human. You weren’t a superhero by any means, but it seemed like some characteristic exclusive to you meant that your body was incredibly malleable. You could bend, flatten, stretch, you name it to ridiculous proportions, all while (eventually) returning to human shape with no permanent injuries. At the risk of sounding morbid, this special quality may be the only reason you have lived to see age 24. Because at a height of exactly 12 inches you are no stranger to dangerous situations with the regular sized people of the world. You’ve been kicked, stepped on, sat on, thrown around, you name it and unfortunately you have experienced it. Nonetheless, you came out alive and through it all managed to meet the love of your life, Cassie Smalls.

Cassie Smalls (24) - Your fiancé. From the moment you two met in college you fell head over heels for this girl. She is beautiful, compassionate, funny, the perfect partner in every way. When you first met her in class you two spent the entire period just talking and having fun without her mentioning your height even once, something you could count on one hand the total number of times this had happened in your life. Physically she is stunning, standing rather tall at 5’10” with long brunette hair and an angelic face. Her body is equally as incredible in your opinion, sporting a toned look on the upper half while maintaining just the right amount of thickness around her hips, legs, and butt. She’s a complete 10 and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with her, the only thing possibly standing in your way is winning over her family. The story begins with you two heading to spend a month in her childhood home where her mom and sisters currently live.

Other main characters

Kimberly Smalls (42) - Cassie’s mother and hopefully your soon to be stepmother. Rather skeptical of you as it is your first time meeting her and she was not expecting to meet a 1 foot tall guy. She isn’t cruel but isn’t exactly warm to you either. Physically you can see where Cassie got her looks as she is a complete stunner as well, albeit with even larger but somewhat less toned assets than her daughter. 6’0”

Sophie Smalls (20) - Cassie’s youngest sister. Dyes her hair blonde to stand out from the rest of her family, claims to be something called an instagram influencer for her job. She seems genuinely nice to you but also quite ditzy, bubbly, and even forgetful. 5’8”

Maddie Smalls (22) - Cassie’s middle sister. Short, brown hair often tied up in a ponytail. She seems to be the real athletic type, incredibly competitive at everything and always training for something. She seems nice as well but there’s no telling how she might act if you get in between her and winning. 5’11”

Feel free to write in more characters too! They can be friends, neighbors, whatever!


The interactive is written in second person perspective so use you, your, etc. when referring to the main character of Jake.That being said, feel free to shift to third person occasionally for the giantesses of the story, for example writing out thoughts that might be running through their heads.

Don’t kill Jake and try to avoid hardcore/graphic violence overall really.

No one word to one sentence bridge chapters, try to aim for somewhere around 1,000 characters or 200 words at least.

Topics I will delete:
Anything explicit with waste/scat is a no-go. Alluding to it or involving it in a chapter is okay just don't go overboard with explicit detail about the toilet stuff (farting in general is cool too, again just don't go too heavy with the nastiness)
Any insertion/heavily explicit sexual material. Keep it softcore if it needs to be sexual not hardcore.
Other men in the story. They can be referenced to but no male characters.
Don’t write Jake to be some type of perv, he can totally be attracted to any of the women in the story just don’t have him start jacking off or anything.
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