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Rated: E · Interactive · Romance/Love · #2202116
Can you help Abigail be the very best across the land?

Can you help Abigail be the very best across the land?

This is an interactive story containing 14 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Welcome to yet another story of mine! This is a mix of dating sim, a visual novel, and the timeless story of a kid traveling around the place to place. Making friends with fuck powerful forces of nature. Only...more raunchy. ;)

Here are da rulz!

1. No short chapters! Keep a minimum of two to four paragraphs at a minimum. I will give leniency on some chapters but don't continuously make them

3. Sexual content will be heavily referenced and will happen. And actual super "lewd" stuff may or not transpire in later chapters. But being constantly naked is which is a no-no.
3.1. Super young characters (like Bonnie) will have no hardcore and mild level lewd chapters about them whatsoever. Light will be welcome…but it keep that way.
3.2. Full-blown sex and actual romance will be something will you have to develop a relationship with a character. none of which will be the super young characters. Crushes can be formed quite easily however and can act as a starting point for it.

4. No toilet, TG, Tf, Most of Weight gain, major limb expansion or inflation, or vore of any kind. That goes for any kink that goes against the flow of the story. I will allow some shrinking/growing, and maybe other stuff like that.
4.1 But it has to be done by a Pokemon or a human with special powers like Sabrina. And must be reversible.

5. My eternal rule: Not every foot have to smell like a cheese factory, nor do they smell like a field of daisies. The same goes for the feet' size and texture. Not every person is tall or is short for that matter. Not every girl has watermelon for tits. Or an ass that claps away thunderstorms. Variety is the spice of life, get what I'm saying. All too make feel a little more realistic and "human". But it doesn't mean that characters that normally don't have stinky feet can't have positively barking dogs and same for goes vice versa.

6 Your choices do matter in the long run and shape the main character's personality and also develop the others. And remember while you are free to do whatever you want. But remember, you aren't free from the consequences of said actions.
6.1. The protagonist is a deeply sheltered but sweet girl who is so naive and carefree that it hurts, has not mentioned she is at the age where she starts to look at things differently…and realize new distinct ways about herself. So of which are quite pervy…Nuff said.
6.2. Her age would...be vague. All I would say that she will be somewhere between being eleven and fifteen years old. What her exact age can definitely be confirmed in a storyline.

7. Please keep the influx of choice chapters on the relatively low.

8. Keep it, first person or second person.

9. No sudden abrupt endings and deaths. The former can be done in matter of....thirty chapters in. Deaths are a strong maybe.

10. Make all characters act their age and true to their personalities. But interpretations and exploration on them and how they react to things are not only allowed but is ENCOURAGED. Not to mention…it's kinda one of the main themes of the story.
10.1. That being...they are allowed to cuss like sailors. Everyone except for Abby and Lillie who will use super grown-up substitutions like (heck, darnit, poop, and etc.)

11. And while foot fetish is what you called the "main" kink of this story and will be encouraged. It doesn't mean that Abigail(the name of our protagonist) is blind to a character's other "assets" *eyebrow wiggle*. But be warned, this isn't pure smut(and it can be kinda close). But playful mocking, outright bullying, and teasing is very much allowed and is encouraged. ;D

12. And while I'm straight. You can play and interact with both boy and girl characters. Although I would like more stuff focusing on girls. But no chapters with the character lewd interaction being adult and older males (Like Hala and Giovanni.)

13. While the Humans are the main focus of the story, Pokemon themselves play a lesser but still major role of in it. And certain ones may be interacted in a certain way! Abby may have strange experiences against some wild Froslass she happen to find in her journey of becoming the best and strongest trainer ever! Or her very own Steelie may find new games to play with her dritz of a trainer.…or a rival trainer might use their own Delphox to dish out some cruel and unusual penalties. But despite these, humans are still the frontrunners
13.1 Some Pokemon will be pushed for these interacts (CoughGardeviourCough)…others not so much (looks at Muk)

12. The specific region Abby is in will be determined either by a specific character, the criminal team she encounters or a city/location she enters.

13. The most important rule…is to have fun, and get creative with it!

12. Second most important rule; no crossovers! Keep it purely Pokemon!

THE WANTED LIST; I will offer up to five hundred to a thousand gift points on 1,600 to 3,200 gift points for any chapters these characters:

1. Iris ( Unova)

2. Gardenia (Sinnoh)

3. Flannery (Hoenn)

4. Whitney (Johto)

5. Lana (Aloha)

6. Bea (Galar)

7. Serena (Kalos)

8. Plumeria (Aloha)

9. Marenie (Galar)

10. Pokemon trainer type: Lass (Depending on the model you use, it will determine the region Abby is in)


Sipping Tea, Any chapters on any of the trainers of Galar, will get a hefty bonus of four thousand points!
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