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Fatten up sexy monster girls, boys and others in many interesting locales!

Fatten up sexy monster girls, boys and others in many interesting locales!

This is an interactive story containing 21 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Welcome to Monster City, U.S.A.! The only safe place for monsters in a world where death has no consequences, but Humans are still awful! Monsters of all ages can get a quality education at Arcana High School! Find employment with one of the many corporate empires, like Cryptids Inc.! Stalk the mall, roam free in the Wilds, and so much more! However, Monster City isn't a perfect utopia, and unfortunately, like every other city, there are laws. Let's take a look at some now!

Law #1: Monster City is for everyone! Masculine monsters, feminine monsters, and monsters with forms incomprehensible to a mortal mind! Even monstrous humans are welcome!

Law #2: Death may have no consequences when you can become any kind of undead abominations, or move on to a number of afterlives, but killing important people is still illegal (there's just so much paperwork involved...)

Law #3: Some philias are just too weird, even for monster! All characters participating in adult activities MUST be older than 18 and MUST be willing participants! Rape and pedophilia will get you set straight to hell! And not a fun hell with the hookers and gamblers, either! The hell where every day you face a new torment for all eternity.

Law #4: Don't add a chapter you wouldn't be satisfied to read yourself. A weird law in universe, I know, but monsters are weird. You can't expect everything to make sense.

Law #5: Everything must make sense. Just kidding! Internal logic is appreciated but not required. The real Law #5 is fetish regulation. After the Event of '89, weight gain is the only expansion allowed. Pregnancy, lactation, BDSM and pretty much everything other than scat, vore and gore is allowed if you give a heads up first!

Law #6: This is a story about monsters, so reality has been thrown out the window, but it's still a story, so making someone a million pounds in a second, while possible, is hardly very entertaining. So don't do that... What? I JUST told you not to expect these laws to make sense in universe...

Well, that's all the laws that apply to you. For now. Just like in any other city, laws can be unilaterally added, changed and removed with no warning (shut up)! Before adding a new chapter, be sure to read them again!

One last thing! This is my first story allowing weight gain for characters other than females! I am personally only attracted to women, but I will still endeavor to add non-female characters and chapters about non-female characters, because they're fun and interesting. However, I can't promise I will adding anything all that kinky about male characters, as that's something I'm not something I'm interested in. You are also not required to include or address anything you have no interest in,even if it was something from the previous chapter, just find a a way to let someone else do so if they desire to. This is a kinky story, but having fun with the characters we make together is another big part.

Okay, last last thing, for real. If you want to talk to me about anything, don't hesitate!

Final, FINAL thing. This story is no longer a work in progress! Anyone can add to any chapter!
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