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  1. The Mason Family
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Time Of Man
Chapter 1

The Mason Family

In this version of " Time Of Man " we follow a Boys only Family Camping Trip .

The Mason Family consists of the Father … Roy Mason, a 37 year old man and father to two boys, Roy in his early days as a teen had experimented and fooled around with boys around his own age, sometimes younger and sometimes older, Roy missed the days where he would feel the smoothness and hardness of someone else's cock and cum.
… and then we have Terry, the oldest son who is 15 years old and has a raging hormones and only cares about getting off, Terry has already developed some kinky fetishes from watching porn.
… and finally we have Sammy, the youngest son who is 10 years old, Sammy spies on his big brother constantly. Ever since he saw his brother Terry coming out of the shower naked, Sammy had an awakening in himself and would do anything to see his brother naked again, Sammy has started having dreams of Terry's naked body and wants to make them real.
So now that we have our characters and we know that they are camping out together for the weekend, where do we follow their story ???
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