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by Wendy
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One day you get the power to use challenges to alter reality and transform

One day you get the power to use challenges to alter reality and transform

This is an interactive story containing 34 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This story is basically the same premis as another one of mine in Transformation Stories Revamped.

One day you gain the power to make bets and set challenges that can alter reality depending on the outcome.

So for example you can flip a coin were if heads is chosen Person Tails is now a nerd amd if tails wins Person Heads is now 3 years old.

Also changes can be made for the sake of a bet, such as evening out physical capacities for a challenge of skill.

Multiple people have this ability, but a person without the ability can be included in such bets.

There is no perk for useing your power with another with it as the default but feel free to add one. And any other limits you want.

It is considered good form to give penalties an end date though not required.

A person must be in a bet to be drastically altered by it, though a change to atleast one participant can have ripple effects.

Characters (I'll add more as I see ones worth adding into the story, and updating bios with additions I like)

Matthew Monet one of those bright kids who never wound up achieving anything, works in a big box store. Still lives at home amd always wonders how he messed up his life so badly.


Stefanie Monet 2 years Matthews Jr. , lives nearby workes in an office. Her maturity fluctuates on a whim.

Rebekah Monet four years Matthews jr a bartender and eternal student, recently moved back home due too necessity as her job has her being sent for events around the country alot.

Kay Monet the widowed mother of the 3 and a manager in a retail warehouse. Wants nothing more then to live alone, with grandchildren as a distant second.

Megan "Meg" Rhay a friend of Matthews, married, cosplayer, professional makeup artist for a thearter troupe.

Daniel Rhay Megs husband, works in a different location of the same chain as Matthew.

Alex Burgh Matthews best friend, a hothead, and always up for a good challenge.

Story Rules:
1) No endless choice branchs, you can leave options open but if it's over 5 deep I reserve the right to close it.
2) Especially while the story is still short please keep most chapters decent size, minimum a paragraph. I don't want substance outnumbered by choice chapters.
3) Sex of any sort is ok (within reason) be as detailed as you want except, please use your digression on when to add detail. I will modify or delete chapters in this set if in too bad a taste.
4) You can change the protagonist inside of story lines.
5) Please don't kill off the main character, unless you have already set up a replacement.
..5a) Set up a new character first, or use an existing one.
..5b) By this I mean write them out, actual killing is ok if the story still follows them (like a possession story, or revival is imminent.) Other characters are ok to kill.

Other stuff:
* I will reward good chapters or ones that peak my interest.
* Directions I would appreciate the story taking (And increase chances of reward) include but are not limited to Gender changing, Orientation changing, Age Regression, Race Change, Life Swap, and Partial Body Swaps. Though feel free to go in whatever direction you like.
* I reserve the right to edit your chapters, I won't typically do this beyond maybe spelling/continuity errors and adding additional options when i think necessary.
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