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Rated: XGC · Interactive · Erotica · #2211197
There's a new tutor in town. (A fan-made spiritual sequel to superdude9's "Tiny Tutor")

There's a new tutor in town. (A fan-made spiritual sequel to superdude9's "Tiny Tutor")

This is an interactive story containing 9 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Some important notes before we begin:

- In case it was not already apparent, this interactive borrows extensively from older stories on this site involving tiny squishy people, and it’s primarily meant to serve as a spiritual successor to superdude9’s story “Tiny Tutor”. I can see there are a lot of people who miss that story, and so I hope by writing this one, I can help fill the void created when that author disappeared. I do this out of love for the original, but of course if superdude ever returns, I encourage you to go add to their interactives instead. I never want to steal anyone else’s thunder.

- For those looking for the original story, backups were saved of quite a few of the chapters, so feel free to message me if you'd like to go searching through them yourself.

- I do not write especially fast, or especially often, so please do not expect me to have lots of updates ready for this story. Unless I am feeling especially inspired, I will probably only add a chapter once every month or so. Please understand this.

- Most importantly of all, for those unfamiliar with this genre, this story is meant to be erotic in nature, and will likely at times contain content some might find disturbing. If this is not the kind of story you are looking for, kindly look elsewhere. Thank you!


Your name is Nicholas Donahue, and due to a rare genetic condition, you’ve been an inch tall since birth. Though you’re not the only person on Earth with your condition, it is so uncommon that few people have ever heard of it, which you realized early on meant big trouble for you. At your size, you frequently got into accidents as larger folks trampled or sat on you, oblivious to your presence. Fortunately for you, this same condition also grants you near immortality. Whenever you’re crushed, your body squishes like putty, and as long as you’re left undisturbed for long enough, you can pop right back into shape shortly afterward.

A semi-recent college graduate, you decide you’re tired of sitting at home after being inspired to become a private tutor. What you don’t know, however, is how dangerous this line of work will end up being for you…


Shelly Donahue - Your mother. She’s in her early 40s, and clearly inherited a lot of her features from your grandmother’s side of the family, originally from Korea. She’s deeply dedicated to her job at an office downtown, and often comes home late, having put in a few hours too many. This is not to say, however, that she doesn't love you and care for you deeply, though sometimes getting her to pay attention to you can be quite a struggle. In terms of physique, she’s a bit on the curvy side, though most people have no idea as she can always be found wearing baggy sweaters and roomy jeans. (Her office doesn’t take dress code all that seriously.)

Ryan Donahue - Your father. He’s just about the same age as your mom, though you can never seem to remember exactly how old either of them are. Where your mother takes after her Korean heritage, he’s an Irishman through and through. He also doesn’t seem to share her workaholism at all, and only contributes to the family income through what he manages to win off of sports betting. However, this leaves him effectively a stay-at-home dad, and as you’ve grown up over the years, the two of you have spent more than enough time together. You genuinely feel like you could trust him with anything. He’s a relatively thin man, but he exercises regularly, so most of the muscle he does have is pretty toned. You wish you could have inherited that from him.

Alyssa Blackwell - You and Alyssa have been best friends since high school, though you’ve only met her in person a few times. Having originally met through an online game, you mostly communicate through instant messaging, though you later learned she only lives about an hour away. The two of you are very close, and talk to each other nearly every day. You’ve definitely thought about asking her out once or twice, but she never seemed all that interested, so you’ve never wanted to bring it up. You can remember from when you met her that she’s relatively short for someone her age at 4’10 (147 cm), and she has curly black hair. Despite her height, she’s got bigger curves than your mother, though you know she’d kill you if she heard you using the word “shortstack”.

Maya Seong - Maya is your mother Shelly’s younger sister, making her your aunt. She’s 33 or 34, you think, and last you heard from her, she lives by herself on the outskirts of town. You know from overhearing conversations with your mom that she’s a published author, but for some reason she always tries to change the subject whenever anyone asks her what books she’s written. Every once in a while she’ll come to visit, and when she does, she gets along with the family perfectly fine, though she mostly keeps to herself. You’ve sometimes wondered what she’s hiding under that quiet exterior… Physically she resembles your mother, though a bit taller and with a leaner frame.


Those familiar with the original interactive will note that I’m going to be less specific with what you can and cannot contribute. The chapters I plan on adding to the story will likely take a heavy focus on female characters, unaware interactions, and toilet-related content, and I’d love to see that sort of thing from other contributors too, but you can write about whatever you want. Notably, male interaction is totally allowed.

With that said, I will not allow choice chapters less than a paragraph long unless they really do seem necessary. If you want to bump this story in an attempt to get more people to add to it, I respectfully ask that you give us a little flavor to work with.

Also, please do your best to respect the canon that comes before whatever you’re writing. I realize not everyone has the time to read a billion chapters, so minor continuity slip-ups are fine, but try to remember generally how the characters act, and also please remember that Nick is squishy and cannot be easily killed (though if you eventually want to end the story by killing him, I’ll allow it).

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!
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