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Come visit a world like, yet unlike our own, be it in history or reality.
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Chapter 2

Life in the Axis States

    by: Sakuya Kawakami   More by this author
June 6, 2045 It is the annual celebration of the defeat against the Allied menace and the parade honoring the defenders of Normandy is just about to begin. You shuffle through the crowd to get a better view of the military vehicles, the troops marching down with flags of the Iron Cross, and the silent brotherhood marching solemnly down the street with portraits of Herr Wolf.

These parades are a waste of money, everyone knows it but no one dares say a word. It was just last week that one of your neighbors disappeared in the middle of the night. He had published an editorial in an underground newspaper criticizing the People's Court and was said to have been executed at night - or worse, taken to one of the reeducation camps. Even talking about what could've been has always been seen as a mortal sin against the state.

"Achtung!" A man holding a loudspeaker begins to announce to the crowd. Even with the mandatory years of German in school, you have trouble picking up most of the words but it is obvious that they are going to bring traitors out to the streets. Not wanting to witness the bloodshed, you find a tavern along the parade route and sneak inside past the crowds.
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