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  1. Old town, new store
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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2215589
A new store appears overnight! Who knows what kind of wonders are in store...
Chapter 1

Old town, new store

    by: D-MentedOne   More by this author
Walking through an old section of town, you pass by a number of closed and rundown shops. Many of the storefronts seem like they haven't seen a customer in decades. You had been visiting the bank nearby your apartment and decided that the day was simply too nice to drive in. Especially since the bank was within easy walking distance. On the way back, you decided to take a slightly different route home.

Rounding a corner, you spot the old video rental store, or at least the building that used to house it. Walking closer, you notice that not only is it no longer closed, it is also no longer a video rental shop. You pause to read the signs on the building, most notably of which is the store name, "Magi-Tech". Some of the posters in the windows also show that today seems to be the "Grand Opening!" with "Unbelievable Discoveries in Store!"

Your curiosity getting the better of you, you enter the store. Immediately, you feel like something is... off about the store. Not necessarily bad, just not... correct? Was this store really that big before? Scanning across the aisles of product, you can see a few other customers milling about and perusing the shop's wares.

Looking along the outer walls, you notice three curtained doorways, each with a sign above them. They read, "Technology", "Employees Only", and "Magic", when reading from the left wall to the right. Looking up, you realize that the common area appears to be the area for "Magi-Tech". Although, pretty much everything you see looks rather normal.

Near the "Employees Only" curtain, you can see the register is currently being manned by a rather punky looking teenager, though you could have sworn that there was a rather dapper looking gentleman there a moment earlier.
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