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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #2216257
What would someone do when the most powerful being of the world is at their service?

What would someone do when the most powerful being of the world is at their service?

This is an interactive story containing 10 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This story takes place in a magical world called Endos in the late stage of an industrial age, were humanity coexist with all kinds of anthropomorphic creatures (from cats and dogs to dragons and griffons). And our human protagonist, Oswald, happens to accidentally form a spiritual connection with the most powerful being of the world, the Enori, a creature that can only live by intertwining souls with another sapient being who becomes their master to whom they offer their servitude and swears their relentless loyalty and unconditional love. By forming this master/servant relationship with the Enori, Oswald must now deal living with the only creature that has the power to destroy planets. What kind of relationship will he develop with the Enori? How will he guide their power? Will he try to make the world a better place, will he try to conquer it, or will he simply try to live a normal life with his strange companion? The decision is yours.

Before starting with this story there are some things that are relevant to know.

How does magic work in this world?

Magic works in the form of magical items. In this case magic crystals called Nubal that grows from trees and works by applying pressure on them. There exist a wild variety of them and each has their uses; like electric crystals that can be used to power machinery, incendiary crystals to create lighters or flamethrowers, ice crystals to refrigerate, healing crystals to cure wounds, antigravitational crystals to create flying ships, etc. Anyone can use them and cultivate them for their own needs, but if they are studied properly, they can be exploited to their true potential.

However, there does exist exceptional individuals who have magic of their own. They are a minority in the world, which also makes them very famous.

What is the setting of this world?

This is a magic world occurring in the last stage of the industrial age. So, expect things like railroads, boats and dirigibles energized by nubal crystals, phone booths, guns with all kind kinds of ammo, etc.

Something to know about anthros in this world?

-Yes, female reptiles don’t have breasts for obvious reasons.

-All anthros have internal genitalia. So not a huge deal if one for some reason appears naked.

-Any anthros that have wings (birds, birds, dragons, griffons, etc.), they have them on their back leaving both of their arms free. And they can fly with them, but logically this would also mean that they can’t fit through narrow spaces and can’t be very agile considering the huge appendages on their back limiting their movements. There are also some dragons who don’t have wings.

-Dragons can’t breathe fire

What is the Enori?

It’s an immortal genderless creature that is as old as the world itself and possess a great and ancient power that cannot be compared to any others. However, their life depends in the spiritual connection they form with a sapient being who, in their own words, becomes their master and to whom they dedicate their life to serve and fulfill its wishes. The reason behind this behavior can be explained by 2 principles:

1) Incomplete Soul: The soul is the force of life; all are equal and anything that lacks it cannot be considered alive. However, the Enori presents an anomaly in this regard. Their soul is missing its other half, a direct consequence of so much power contained in just one soul, messing with its stability. For this reason, the Enori cannot live by itself, they must intertwine their soul with another sapient creature that will provide them with the part of their soul they lack. This leads to the next principle.

2) Purpose: Once the Enori stablishes a connection, they cannot help but to feel devotion for the person responsible for bringing them life. They recognize their master as the only one that can give them a purpose and thus the only one they listen to.
What happens when the Enori does not have a master?

If they do not possess a spiritual connection, then they remain in a vegetative state inside an indestructible capsule (not very different from an egg) waiting for someone to touch the surface of their prison and start an intertwining of souls. This process is automatic and involuntary, which can lead to accidents.

How do they look like?

Strangely, they look like an anthropomorphic dragon with some noticeable differences. They do not have wings and neither scales, instead their skin has the texture property of porcelain. Their skin is black and white, and its patterns changes each time they come back to life, just like the shape of their two medium sized horns. They have digitigrade legs with three toes on each foot and five fingers on each hand. The have a long and pointy tail. Their claws and horns are fused with their skin making their body look very uniform. Their iris is a cyan color that glows brightly. The interior of their body is also cyan colored that glows. In their forehead the have a mark that looks like a rose that just like their eyes is colored cyan and glows. And due to their genderless nature, they don’t have genitals.

What is their personality?

Their personality varies a lot depending on the person they intertwine souls with and the relationship they develop with them

What is their general behavior?

They tend to be very affectionate and a bit overprotective with their master. They are always ready to serve them in any way possible. Unfortunately, they are not willing to leave their master alone nor respect their privacy for the fear of something happening to them while they are not by their side.

They are docile when interacting with other people but are always prepared in case they have something against their master.

They get immediately triggered when their master is being threatened or attacked and will proceed to neutralize the threat by any means necessary. The only thing that can stop them from using lethal force against the enemy is their master.

What can they do with their powers?

They can do almost anything. The variety of their powers is immense.

What can’t they do?

-They don’t have any power that might break the continuity of time and space (time travel, jump to other dimensions, rewrite history, etc.)

-Resurrect the dead

-They can’t grant immortality other than through longevity

What do they utterly refuse to do?

-Destroy the world they and their master were born

-Abandon their master

-Hurt their master

-Obey an order that might bring harm to their master

Can they die?

No. They can only be put in suspension and that only happens if their master die. Other than that, they are indestructible.
What happens if their master dies?

In the incredible case the Enori fails to protect their master from death, they will immediately lose their spiritual connection, return to their vegetative state and teleport randomly to another part of the world. They will lose all memories of their deceased master, only keeping basic knowledge of the world, their communication skills and their desire for a master.

Can the Enori grant immortality to their master?

Yes, but only the longevity type and this depends on their master decision.

What happens if someone refuses to be the Enori’s master?

The Enori will desperately try to prove to their master they are worth keeping around. If their master keeps rejecting them, they’ll become more anxious and their spiritual bond will weaken. This process can last for months until the Enori finally comes to the conclusion their master does not want them in any way possible and with this realization their spiritual bond will be severed permanently, causing the Enori to go back to their vegetative state and to randomly teleport to another part of the world.


-This story is narrated in third person. Thank you.

-As you can already tell from the description, the protagonist already has a predeterminate gender and name. But you are free to determinate his personality considering his ambiguous background. This is to avoid the creation of many characters that may end up not having a story developed.

-The protagonist can die. Keep in mind that this is a huge deal because this would bring the storyline to an end. I don’t recommend doing this unless the story has enough development to be finished in a satisfactory manner and benefits the storyline in general.

-Try to be consistent with the writing.

-Please respect the 13+ rating. Sex, drugs or alcohol can only be implied. Violence can be shown at moderate levels.
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