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Your father has left you his fortune, your stepmom decides to shrink you so she gets it

Your father has left you his fortune, your stepmom decides to shrink you so she gets it

This is an interactive story containing 9 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

Your name is Scott, you are the son of a wealthy businessman named Howard who’s job keeps him away from home a lot, leaving you alone with your stepmom, Andrea, and her daughter, Sarah.
Andrea, quite frankly, hates you and has always sided with Sarah over you in every argument you two have ever had, which is a lot.
One day you are shocked to see that your father has written a will leaving his entire estate to you in the event of his death. Your stepmom, very unhappy with the decision, decides to take matters into her own hands and make you “disappear”...

The cast

You (Scott)- 18 years old. Mostly unremarkable, you are average build and height of 5’6” (for now). Slightly pale skin, shaggy brown hair, not amazing or terrible at school and you don’t play any sports. Your only remarkable trait is that you are the son of a very wealthy man.

Howard- 54 years old. Your father is a businessman who is away from home more often than not, this has lead to your relationship with him being very distant, which is why his decision to leave everything to you in the event of his death came as a surprise to you. The story takes place just after he has made his announcement and then left on a business trip.

Andrea- 41 years old. Your stepmom, she married your father after your mother died when you were 10, you always assumed it was for your fathers wealth because she is an absolute knockout, drop dead gorgeous and full figured with long blonde hair. She has massive curves in all the right places. She is also very domineering both in personality and in physical stature, towering over you at a height of 6’2” without heels, which she most often wears to make everyone around her feel even smaller than her. She also seems to have the ability to turn everyone against you around the house, often convincing your father to punish you for things your step sister had clearly done and blamed on you.

Sarah- 22 years old. Your stepsister, who has never grown out of the spoiled brat phase despite being 4 years older than you, she knows exactly how to manipulate people around her to get what she wants. You are convinced she learned this from Andrea, who only seems to encourage this behaviour from her.
She seems to have inherited her mothers hair colour and looks, although she is not as physically imposing and lacks the monumental curves of her mother, at 5’8” she is still taller than you, a fact that she loves to lord over you with, often calling you demeaning names like “shrimp”.
Sarah has just graduated from university, all paid for by your father of course, and is set to start a high earning job at your fathers company.


No one sentence chapters, and use proper grammar and punctuation

No male giants, Howard can feature but don’t have him interact with Scott in any way

Scott can die, he is more durable than someone his size would be expected to be but he can still be crushed with enough force. If you do include a chapter that will lead to one that involves Scott dying give the option to avoid it so the story can continue

Don’t add a long chain of choice chapters, I don’t mind a few, but don’t let them get longer than 2 or 3 chapters in a chain.

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