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A board game experience of adventure, magic and transformation for up to four players!

A board game experience of adventure, magic and transformation for up to four players!

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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After another boring day of lock-down due to the global pandemic in the town of Gunner's Butte, Colorado, four college friends find themselves out of work, their classes cancelled and one of the lucky handful of students that are too poor or simply unable to go home that get to stay in their campus dorms. With nothing to do and their former party school now anything but, the quartet of geeky Eugene, peppy Lindsey, jockish Peter and gothy Judy spend their days being bored out of their minds until one of them returns from the nearby mall with something interesting and new in his hands...A board game? Or at least, something that looks like a really old. eccentric computer.

Without anything else to do, the group settles down to spend the evening playing this strange game called Morphmanji, and all of them in for a unexpectedly exciting (and potentially dangerous) ride!

-Rules of the Game-

Morphamanji is a unique game in that it can be programmed to suit almost any form of setting. From fantasy to sci fi and EVERYTHING in between, the game has nearly limitless customization options to give players a unique experience and different scenarios every time the game is played. It also has three modes of play: Traditional, Immersive, and 'Hybrid', each with their own sets of rules.

-Traditional Gameplay Rules-

-Each player chooses their avatar and must play as that avatar for the duration of the game or are given the option (or command) to change via an Action Square or a Special Card.
-Players move via dice rolls performed by a single six-sided dice roll. Singles and double rolls get a second turn.
-Players can roll one at a time or simultaneously.
-Players that roll a 6 must always pull a Challenge Card even if they land on an Action Square.
-All players must pull a Challenge Card every three turns.
-Action Squares: Action Squares will generate randomized encounter or challenge for the player that lands on them. The player is not allowed to roll again until they have completed the action or challenge. Action Squares can involve one or all participants.
-Challenge Cards: Challenge Cards act in the same manner as Action Squares. Challenge cards are also randomly generated and are not marked on the game map and can occur at any time. Challenge Cards can be far more specific in action or encounter and can affect one or all players.
-All players much reach the end of the game before the game may end. Players who reach the end of the game map are immune and exempt from all dice, Action Square or Challenge Card effects.
-Any attempts to alter the natural flow of play will result in the offending player being issued a Penalty Card and sent back six spaces. Offending players must follow the instructions or consequences of the Penalty Card before they may roll again.
-All morphs that occur during the game are permanent until the game ends. If any player quits the game voluntarily, they will not be able to revert or otherwise change themselves back (unless they initiate a new game).
-The longer the game, the more complete the change. The longer games last, the more likely that 'personality bleeding' from the chosen avatar on to the player's psyche will occur.
-When all players have reached the end, they must shout 'Morphmanji!', eliminating any and all transformative effects on them.
-The player that reached the end first is the winner and is granted one wish.

-Immersive Mode-

In Immersive Mode, all players will be transported the the game world, taking the form and role of their avatar. Players must follow the prompts and clues in order to progress the scenario's story and be able to exit the game.

-Players are given five lives to be used during the adventure.
-Players can gain additional lives through completing bonus objectives.
-Players that lose lives will adopt more traits of their avatars as punishment.
-Players that lose all lives will become part of the game world and no longer treated as players.
-Players can be transformed through various means, items, events and opposing characters.
-Players can find and equip items to improve their avatar abilities.
-Successfully navigating scenario events can award players with unique items and abilities.
-To end the game, the players must navigate the entire scenario from start to finish and declare 'Morphmanji' upon completion of the scenario.
-Upon completion, all players that have not used up their lives will be returned to their original world. Players that use up all their lives will remain in the game world permanently.
-The player with the most lives or score left when 'Morphmanji' is declared is given one wish.

-Hybrid Mode-

Hybrid Modes are special game modes that combine elements of both Traditional and Immersive modes. Players will become their avatar and enter a scenario, but must progress through dice rolls and completion of challenges and actions within the scenario. Rules for Hybrid Mode scenarios must combine the established rules of both modes, but can otherwise be randomized. The player who achieves the win conditions of the Hybrid Mode first is declared the winner and will be granted one wish.

-Interactive Rules-

Read before posting

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in content being deleted.
As owner of this Interactive, I reserve the right to make edits to content or remove any content deemed unsuitable for this Interactive without any prior notice.

1. No underage sexual activities. Any character engaging in sexual activity must be written as the age of 18 or older both mentally and physically. Failure to adhere to this rule will have your chapters deleted and you will be permanently blocked from participating in the Interactive.
2. No toilet stuff: This includes playing in feces, urine, vomit, fart, drool, diapering, adult diapering or excessive use and description of sexual fluids.
3. No excessive weight gain. Making characters obese is fine, but please try to limit the weight gain to 500 pounds.
4. No Excessive Giantess or Giants: While shrinking to very small sizes is allowed, any character that is made larger should not become taller than 100 feet.
5. Age Regression must be both physically and mentally. The above rules on sexual content and toilet content apply here as well.
6. No Hermaphrodite or Futanari transformations. Transformations between genders should be complete male/female and female/male.
7. No incest content between parents, siblings or blood relations allowed under any circumstances.
8. No excessive gore or killing off characters for no reason.
9. No male on male sex scenes or graphic, detailed sex scenes. A preferable rating would be PG-13 or use of 'fade to black' scene transition.
10. No MPreg or Unbirthing.
11. Overly slow transformations. All transformations should occur instantly or within minutes and should not be drawn out over multiple hours.
12. No short chapters: In order to keep content interesting, all chapters must be a minimum of three paragraphs. Poorly done endings will be removed.
13. Option Chapters should be labeled as such and make an effort to provide some form of content (new or re-used sample) with the options.
14. Please refrain from 'Ending' the story unless the the story-line reaches a natural conclusion. Something Else or obvious 'Option' chapters are meant to provide users with the ability to provide new story options when possible. Low effort or inappropriate 'End' chapters WILL be deleted.
15. Any linked images should be to safe online image hosting services such as Imgur, Blogspot or DeviantArt.
16. Please make sure that you review and spellcheck your work before posting. Small mistakes are acceptable but chapters with glaring grammatical errors will be deleted to uphold quality.

Failure to abide by these rules may potentially result in your chapters and content being deleted from this Interactive. Re-posting the content and chapters of this Interactive elsewhere without permission is not allowed. Thank you.

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