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Play as a young boy who interacts with a giant woman, or the other way around!

Play as a young boy who interacts with a giant woman, or the other way around!

This is an interactive story containing 667 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Re-written with permission by cosmicdonut a.k.a. ButterBazooka, the original author.

You are a young boy, who is either shrunken by various circumstances, born tiny, or born normal-sized, all cases surrounded by giantesses of every kind. As either an original character from all different reaches of visual media, you either explore the route as a small boy as he goes through his life with giantesses involved in his life, or you explore the route as the giantess who interacts with said small boys. The giantesses can be either playful, maternal, oblivious, or cruel.

You are free to add anything to the storyline, so long as you follow these guidelines.


1.) At the beginning of the story routes, when you're introducing an original character to your story route, make sure you add in this short bio.

Body Type:


Name: Tommy Winslow
Age: 10 years old
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 3' 9"
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Backstory: Tommy Winslow is the only son of Kelly Winslow, the younger brother of Lindsey and Brianna, and the older brother of Wendy. As a child, Tommy was doted on by his loving sister, Brianna, and initially volunteered to be the guinea pig for her experiments. As Tommy grew older, however, he realized that the side effects of Brianna's experiments have often humiliated him, thus making him cautious and distant from her. His cautious behavior has also turned hostile towards his brilliant sister.

Name: Angela "Mama Angie" Bennett
Age: 40 years old
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 5' 10"
Body Type: Thick, Curvy
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Backstory: Angela Bennett is a lead stripper in the XXX Bombshells strip club in the red light district. A veteran stripper and dancer, she earned the moniker "Mama" after teaching and nurturing the younger dancers. Her thick assets, her D-cup breasts, and her luscious lips arouse her customers' fantasies. After her shifted ended at midnight, Angela would discover a certain baby boy, abandoned on the sidewalk, born the size of her thumb. She'd soon find another meaning to her stripper name "Mama Angie."

EDIT: As of 12/12/2020, you are not required to write a backstory, though that is optional in case of context.

EDIT: As of 3/7/2021, because of confusion with a character's weight in comparison to their size, you are required to describe a person's body shape.

2.) The following is a list of simple rules that must be followed.

EDIT: As of 2/11/2021, after a few concerned emails, the following rules will be set.
No giant males
No scat or piss content (but full tour is encouraged)
No futanari/hermaphrodites
You may include tiny female characters, but the focus should mostly be on the young male characters.
The maximum age for the boy characters must be 15 years or younger (if this is the case, make sure the lead character's age somehow regresses below 15 years).
The minimum age for the girl characters must be 3 years or older (on that note, NO sexual interaction with young girl/loli characters 15 years or younger)
You are allowed to kill off the young male characters.

3.) Be sure to write in complete sentences, write with good grammar, and write each chapter in a minimum of three sentences. The only exception to this rule is if you are adding a chapter with multiple options.

4.) Do not end the story unless you're intending to looping the storyline into a different, preexisting chapter canon to the story route (This guideline was inspired by the looping storylines by Kooplan's Fire Emblem SW where most of the chapters labeled with (END) links to another preexisting chapter.)

5.) Above all else, have fun!!!
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