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Obesity & Gluttony, Beauty & Brawn, Magic & Wonder, Casual Sex & Kinks. 4 Great Kingdoms!

Obesity & Gluttony, Beauty & Brawn, Magic & Wonder, Casual Sex & Kinks. 4 Great Kingdoms!

This is an interactive story containing 7 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Separated from each other by great rivers, vast mountain ranges, and enormous, valleys and fjords, the four great kingdoms have coexisted peacefully since the very dawn of time. But which kingdom is right for you?

Setting: The Four Kingdoms exist in a High Medieval-Renaissance Fantasy setting, roughly equivalent to 1300AD - 1600AD.

The Kingdom of Arvinia - Greed, gluttony, hedonism, obesity and weight-gain! For the average Arvinian, too much is never enough, and the creed of this ancient and prosperous kingdom is Gula et Voluptatum - Gluttony & Hedonsim! Everybody from the smallest child to the largest of full-grown adults embrace a culture of feeding, gaining, obesity and good living, the likes of which the other kingdoms have rarely imagined. Rivers and vast farmlands allow for abundant and limitless foods and drinks for all! Arvinians of all ages range from plump, to chubby, to obese, to virtually immobile, but men are generally taller than women.

Ruling Family: The Ancient and Immense House of Regia.
King Chandler the Immense. 8,000lbs. 7'0". 30 years old. Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Queen Regina. 5,000lbs. 5'9". 28 years old. Brown hair, brown eyes.
Crown Prince Cameron. 1,500lbs. 5'6". 12 years old. Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Prince Edmund. 1,300lbs. 5'6". 12 years old. Brown hair, green eyes.

The Kingdom of Mountania - Strength, warfare, industry and great craftsmanship, Mountania prides itself on its fine woodworking, stonemasonry, jewelry and mining. Mountanians stand tall and proud - both literally and figuratively. The tallest, strongest and most bulked-out of all the citizenry of the Four Kingdoms, Mountania provides much of the military protection for its noble and proud neighbours, in return for trading rights and special concessions. Mountain men and boys are much taller and heavier than average men and boys in other countries.

Ruling Family: The Royal House of Vuurden.
King Maximus the Great. 3,000lbs. 7'6". 32 years old. Brown hair, brown eyes.
Queen Lucille. 170lbs. 5'9". 28 years old. Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Crown Prince Gabriel. 500lbs. 6'9". 15 years old. Golden-brown hair, brown eyes.
Princess Sophia. 100lbs. 5ft tall. 10 years old. Blonde hair, blue eyes.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Prince Bastion. 7'6". 28 years old. Brown hair, brown eyes.
Princess Elvina. 6'3". 27 years old. Blonde hair. Blue eyes.
Prince Tiberius. 300lbs. 6ft tall. 12 years old. Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Prince Taurus. 280lbs. 6ft tall. 12 years old. Golden-brown hair, brown eyes.

Prince Bastion, his wife Princess Elvina, and their two sons, live in the Arvinian royal palace, as Mountanian ambassadors to the Kingdom of Arvinia. They are close friends with the Arvinian royal family.

The Kingdom of Fantasia - Magic and wonderment, spellcasting and alchemy, Fantasia prides itself on its mastery of the mystic arts. Spells, potions, enchanted and magical objects, magical creatures, magical experimentation, and the recording of knowledge are all highly regarded in Fantasia!

Ruling Family: The Ancient House of Albreon.
King Zelthran the Magnificent. 250lbs. 6'9", 50 years old. White hair, green eyes.
Crown Prince Cyrus. 200lbs. 6'. 30 years old. Brown hair, green eyes.
Prince Orion. 350lbs. 5'6". 12 years old. Light brown hair, green eyes.

The Kingdom of Salacia - Much like Arvinia, Salacia is a land of shameless excesses and hedonism. Whereas Arvinia concentrates on the pleasures of food, drink, gluttony and obesity, Salacia is all about more...earthly pleasures. Sexual hedonism, fetishistic pleasures and all kinds of kinks and perversions reign supreme! Almost anything goes, and almost nothing is too taboo! Casual sex and teenage pregnancies are so common as to be almost non-entities!

Ruling Family: The Seductive House of Maxima
King Thorus the Great. 4,000lbs. 7'6". 32 years old. Golden-brown hair, brown eyes.
Queen Susanna. 250lbs. 6'9". 28 years old. Golden blonde hair, blue eyes.
Crown Prince Thorwald. 200lbs. 6'3". 16 years old. Golden-brown hair, brown eyes.
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