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  1. Starting Off
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You promised to help a camgirl out with her stream. She never specified you'd shrink!
Chapter 1

Starting Off

    by: The1SwagKing   More by this author

Your name was John. You were your average, generic twenty three year old man. Nothing special came to mind whenever you were asked to describe yourself, only that you worked in IT at a local insurance office. That being said, the other night your life was spiced up a little bit when you met a camgirl at your local bar. After explaining to you what she did in her line of work, she was able to read the visible interest you took in the subject. After mentioning that she was looking for a man to join her on stream sometime, you exchanged contacts and went your separate ways. You hadn't spoken since that night, but that was about to change.

You had just received a text message from that same girl, and having nothing to do for the rest of your friday night, you took her up on the offer to head over to her apartment. Hopefully you'd get to actually chat with her for a minute before she started her stream, but you had no info outside of the address that she sent you. Hopping in your Volkswagen Jetta, you drove into town, and pulled up to the parking lot outside her generic apartment building.

Nervously, you made your way up the stairs towards the third story of the complex, and reached the room number she had sent you alongside the address. Taking a deep breath, you stared at your feet in anxiety, and started to knock on the door. The sound of rustling inside was immediately heard, leading up to the wooden door swinging open, revealing the grinning of face of the woman. This camgirl was a
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