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A family's life is forever changed when one of them finds the Life and Body Swapper.

A family's life is forever changed when one of them finds the Life and Body Swapper.

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The Family Life and Body Swapper! Please Add!

This is a story about the Stevens family as they spend a summer at their family lake house, an annual tradition since the oldest kid of the family Chris, was a baby. Normally a relaxing break from the city, this summer is about to change their family forever when one of the members of the Stevens finds a device which allows them to not only swap the lives/roles of two people, but also their bodies!

This is Erotica! Make it Erotic!

Family Members

Hannah Stevens: The mother of the Stevens family. At 45 years old, her and her husband have been married for 27 years, right out of high school. A happy woman who loves her kids, she would do anything for any of her family. She is 5' 7, 120 lbs with shoulder length blonde hair and grey eyes. She has 36C breasts with dark pink nipples and a curvy waist. Her husband says her best feature is her round, heart shaped ass. She does yoga and squats to keep herself healthy.

Jeff Stevens: The father of the Stevens family. Also 45, he has a deep romantic love for his wife, which he is not afraid of showing in front of his kids, much to their regret. He works for his family's business, allowing him to take vacations like this every year. Despite being wealthy, he is a very grounded man who his kids see as both an authority figure and someone they can go to with their problems. Loves his kids, especially his daughters. He is 6' 2", 185 lbs with cropped brown hair he keeps styled like he's about to go into a meeting at any time, with blue eyes. 6 1/2 inch cock, circumcised. He works out with his wife, and runs often to keep his heart healthy, leaving him strong and firm bodied. She says his best feature is his smile, but secretly thinks its his muscled forearms.

Chris Stevens: The eldest of the Stevens children. 22 years old, he feels a bit too old to go on these family vacations anymore, but doesn't want to disappoint his parents. Currently going to college, and has a girlfriend he met his sophomore year, but is secretly bisexual. Working with his dad, he is as intelligent and friendly as his father. 6"1 tall, 166 lbs of lean muscle that he gets from swimming. Shaggy blonde curls that he keeps ear length with blue eyes. 6' cock, circumcised, keeps his crotch shaved completely.

Sarah Stevens: The middle child. 16 years old, she is still in high school. Despite being 6 years younger than Chris, they still get along, and she idolizes him as her amazing big brother. Very bubbly like her mother, she makes friends with everyone, and seems to defy the stereotype of bratty teenage girls while doing well in school and having a steady boyfriend. Still a virgin. 5'5", 110 lbs with curly blonde hair down to the middle of her back and grey eyes. B cup breasts, very perky with pink nipples, with a small bubble butt you can bounce a quarter off of. Her body is lean and athletic from doing various sports, mainly volleyball and track.

Jane Stevens: The youngest of the Stevens family. At 13 years old, everyone in the family is very protective of her which she resents, but she does love her siblings and her parents, mainly following Sarah around like a lost puppy. Just graduating middle school and starting her first year at high school, none of her family knows that she kissed a girl recently and liked it, but still might like boys? 4' 11" with long light brown hair down to her butt and blue eyes. B cup breasts that are the envy of other girls in her school going through puberty, with a small, cute butt. Not as sporty as the rest of her family, she still is naturally thin and able to keep up most of the time.

Bart and Bonnie: Two 2 year old German Shepherds that Jeff got as puppies. Bart is the male, and Bonnie the female, they've had a litter of puppies before due to Jeff's view that fixing them is cruel.

Other Characters:

Martha White: Chris' girlfriend of 2 1/2 years. They met at a party and have been dating since. 21 years old, she is an outgoing girl in school and life.. A very kinky woman who is very confident in her body, loving to show off for Chris and whoever else is looking. 5'7, with red hair down to just past her shoulders, with green eyes and pale skin. D cup breasts that are perky enough to not hurt her back too much, with a round phat ass. Keeps a small landing strip of red public hair which Chris loves.

Troy Maldonado: Sarah's boyfriend for 1 year. What Jeff calls a "good kid" and someone Chris approves of as well. Respectful of Sarah's boundaries, but still wants more. They've been as far as third base, but Sarah is nervous about going all the way. 5' "8, with short black hair and brown eyes. Pretty average body and a 5" cock.

The Robinsons: The family who lives across the lake from the Stevens, consisting of mother Trisha (42), father Harry(46), son Brett (14) and Daughter Amy (19).

Others: Feel free to add any characters you'd like, as long as it makes sense in the story!

How it works: The Swapper has two basic modes: Life Swap, or Body Swap. By pointing the device at two people, or by typing the names of anyone into the device, the swap takes place.

Life Swap: When two people are targeted, they swap lives but not bodies. Everyone but the person doing the swap will see them as the other person, including the people swapped, unless it is chosen to let one or both of them know.. Example: Jane is life swapped with her father Jeff. Jane would then take the life and personality of Dad, and be seen as everyone as Jeff while still being in her body. Jeff would become the youngest daughter of the family.

Body Swap: As it sounds. Two people are targeted and switch bodies. Nobody notices except for the person swapping them, unless it is specifically chosen to be otherwise.

You can do a body swap and life swap at the same time if you want!


1) Sex between any characters is fine, encouraged even!
2) No endless "something else" or "other" choices.
3) No ending the story without running it by me first
4) Chapters must be at least a paragraph long, unless they exist only to give more options.
5) No death or violence.
6) Go nuts!
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