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A freak genetic mutation reduces a normal girl to a tiny for the first time in history.

A freak genetic mutation reduces a normal girl to a tiny for the first time in history.

This is an interactive story containing 20 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Backstory (Written by Hectic)

In an event that some called a medical mystery and others called an act of god, a type of shrinking virus spread to every corner of the earth, affecting part of the population while leaving another part completely fine. Those who fell victim to this virus rapidly shrunk down to one inch tall, but at the same time gained a strange durability and malleability that has baffled scientists and doctors alike. However, the tiny people were not ones to complain about these newfound characteristics, as they were the only things preventing their lives from being taken by a stray step or anything else of that nature. The third most interesting aspect about this inexplicable shrinking is the fact that only men seem to have suffered from it, with women across the world remaining completely unaffected.

From the first day of the shrinking event it was expected that society would change drastically, and while it definitely did, surprisingly much of it remained the same. There was no evil women’s takeover or forced servitude of the now smaller men. For the most part, many men who had a job that did not require physical labor of any kind were able to continue living somewhat normal lives. Certain laws were put into place which prevented too much malicious behavior from befalling the tiny men, but these were really only enforced when a woman would purposefully try to kill, kidnap, or otherwise torture them. The vast majority of the time women would get away with any accidents between them and the tiny guys with a small slap on the wrists.

Your Story

By now, 50 years have passed since the initial shrinking virus epidemic first swept across the globe. Humanity has adapted, and made great strides to accommodate the tiny population. Entirely separate tiny housing communities, tiny school systems, and tiny restaurants now exist in many places across the USA. Companies readily produce tiny-sized clothing and food, and the first bikes for tinies just hit the shelves (any other tiny vehicles are still a ways off). For all intents and purpose, life has adapted to the new normal, though circumstances are still far from perfect between tinies and their normal-sized counterparts.

And, of course, men continue to be the only victims of the shrinking virus, the sole gender that makes up the tiny population. Or at least...they were until today. But now, in the modest Californian town of Owenton, things are about to change forever.

Main Characters

Alexandra Hayes (You) - The main character, and 20 years old. You normally go by "Alex". You have tanned skin and a lithe, slim body, more acrobatic than athletic. You style your dirty blonde hair in wavy fall down to your neck, framing your face and bringing out your blue eyes. You know that you're still attractive, and you've been hit on before, but you're always self-conscious of your less than pronounced curves (especially in comparison to the rest of your family) and below average height (you are only 5'5"). Since graduating from Owenton High School, you've been working at the local diner "Dining Delights" as a waitress, hoping for your social vlog to take off. You detest tinies, finding them to be nothing but bugs, and will gladly toy around with one if they cross your path. You're also more than a little interested in girls.

August Hayes - Your older sister, and 26 years old. Her tanned skintone is a shade darker from her hours out in the sun, giving her an alluring presence. Her messy hair, auburn colored, is almost always tied back in a ponytail. Her hazel eyes complete the look. August is unbelievably beautiful, something you've always envied her because of. She's 6'0", fit and toned, and possesses a curvaceous body most girls your age would kill for. Somehow, August seems to be constantly unaware of her own sex appeal, and never seems to notice people staring at her sizable chest or prodigious rear end. Doesn't help that her choice in clothing is frequently tight and/or revealing.

Of course, August doesn't notice a lot of things. If there's anything you can say about your older sister, it's that she's an oblivious, scatter-brained airhead. She's liable to set her phone down on a chair, talk to you for a second, and then plop right back down on her phone, then proceed to wonder where it went for the next hour. It's pretty endearing, and aside from that, she's a hard worker and a great motivator. Those characteristics are a probable cause as to why she was hired as a gym teacher at Owenton High School, and was also appointed coach for the girl's swim team. She loves her job...almost as much as she loves tinies. Contrasting with your own sharp distaste for tinies, August finds them infinitely adorable and cute. She can hardly contain herself around them.

Penelope Hayes - Your younger sister, and 18 years old. She frequently goes by "Penny". Her skintone is tanned similarly to your own, and her blue eyes are also a mirror of your own. A key difference is in her hair: Penelope's brighter blonde tresses are much longer, and hang down like a waterfall to her mid-back. Another key difference is in the looks department. Standing at 5'9", Penny is already four inches taller than you, despite being two years younger. Penny is also a good size or two bigger than you in the chest department, and the rest of her body is similarly developed (though far from August's levels of curviness). The disparity between you and her frustrates you to no end.

That frustration is not a two-way street, however. Penny adores you, almost to an unhealthy degree. As August was away at college earning her bachelor's and then master's degree, Penny only had you to fully rely on while growing up, and she's since come to idolize you. This extends to your hatred of tinies, which Penny has wholeheartedly jumped on board with. In fact, Penny's almost fanatical with her torment of tinies, like she personally enjoys every second of it. It's extreme, even for you. Regardless, when she's not being a tiny-focused sadist, Penny performs in the Owenton High School theater productions, and she also is a member of the girls' soccer team. She just started her senior year.

Priscilla Hayes - Your mother, and 44 years old. One look at her, and it isn't hard to see where the family resemblance came from in the Hayes household. Priscilla has the same tanned skintone she passed onto her daughters. Her eyes are hazel, like August's, and her hair is a strawberry blonde color, like a mix between you and your sisters' hair colors. Priscilla keeps her hair short, in a stylish bob. She is also 5'10". Of course, one would be forgiven if they didn't notice Priscilla's hair or eyes first when looking at her. Your mother has only grown more beautiful with age, and she's an absolutely vision. Though she's gained weight since quitting her old job to work from home, its gone to all the right places as far as most people are concerned. Priscilla has impressive curves and a hourglass body to die for.

Matching her heavenly beauty is her angelic disposition. Priscilla is a doting, loving mother who would do anything for her darling angels. Overbearing to a fault, Priscilla showers you and your sisters with love daily. Her profession is that of clothing designer, and she runs her own online store for her fashion designs. People from across the country send in their commissioned designs, your mom expertly creates them (in a spare room in your house she converted into a clothing design studio), then ships the finished products out. Your mom loves her work, especially when she utilizes the latest in Micro-Flex brand stretchy and squishy material. Priscilla is also spontaneous and energetic, prone to planning surprise family trips and trying crazy new things.

Yumi Hada - Your best friend, and also 20 years old. She is of Japanese descent, and has silky smooth and lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, and straight black hair with bangs that she keeps swept across her part of her face. Yumi stands at 5'8", and constantly teases you about her height advantage. An early bloomer, Yumi has been well-developed since middle school, and her body has only grown since then. Her chest is quite large, as is her butt, and since she doesn't exercise as much as she knows she should, there's a certain jiggliness to her curves that frequently draws eyes. Kids used to call her "fat" in middle school, but it wasn't long before the term morphed to "thicc", and everyone was asking her out. Yumi is bi-sexual, and a bit of a flirt.

Yumi hardly takes anything in life seriously, often coasting through day-to-day with a lackadaisical attitude and devil may care outlook. She's the first to volunteer for anything and everything, and her infectious optimism and sense of humor drags you along often too. Yumi comes from a family of wealth, and therefore is more than enough well-off to just coast through life. She's also a mischievous prankster who will never pass up the opportunity to mess with someone, but always in good fun. Similarly to August, she finds tinies to be cute, but instead of wanting to love and hold them, Yumi's first instinct is to play with them a bit, especially if it involves a prank. She tolerates your much crueler behavior towards tinies, but never participates. Currently, you see her every single week while working at "Dining Delights", since she is also a waitress there. You've had a crush on her for years now, but have been way too afraid of making your friendship weird by mentioning it to her.

Minor Characters

Aunt Jenna - Your mother's sister and your aunt, and a stunning 38 year old woman. She's similar to your mother in some ways, while different in others. Her skintone is considerably paler due to her time spent indoors every day because of her profession, but she has the same hazel eyes and strawberry blonde hair, which she keeps pulled back in a bun most of the time. She also wears glasses, and is just about blind as a bat without them. She's tall, standing at 6'0", and possesses an attractive body without being quite as absurdly bountiful as your mother. Her curves are substantial, but definitely more modest in comparison.

Jenna works in a lab just outside of Owenton, a head scientist for a biochemical company known as Futureworks. She works long and stressful hours, so even though she lives close by, you aren't able to see her much. When you do see her, she's frequently ready to party, drink, and let loose, which is her way of destressing from her job. She has an unabated fascination in tinies, finding them curious little specimens, and she's told you that Futureworks often hires tiny workers to serve in lab tests. You aren't sure what those are all about, as everything in the lab is kept top secret. Still, Jenna is a humorous and good-spirited woman, and you like spending time with her.

More to be added in the future!

Quick Rules

This story is written in primarily second person (you, your, etc.) Please keep it that way. However, if you want to write a bit from someone else's perspective, third person can work for that when needed.

Alex cannot die. She can only be squished, squashed, flattened, stretched, and anything else you think of. She will reform in time, given the chance to do so. Keep the story going!

Try not to write chapters that are exceptionally short. A bridge chapter from time to time is just fine, but too many and the story starts feeling weak.

Lastly, avoid heavily sexual/insertion content and any giant male content. Basically, just don't introduce any other guys into the story, UNLESS they too are tiny. That could be interesting (just make sure Alex is always the main character). Everything else goes.

Read, add, and enjoy!
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