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by JJJ
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The non-official story of the twin dragons in the world of Avatar, The Last Air-bender.

The non-official story of the twin dragons in the world of Avatar, The Last Air-bender.

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"The elements: Air, Earth, Water, Fire.... live and show the duplicity of life.
For every down there is an upside, for every folly there is wisdom.... for every evil able to be grown, there will be good.
This is why the good must be found for each generation.

"This is why the Order White Lotus has a choice to make. Should we, brothers, make it known to the nations our intentions? That we protect and train with the intention to bring peace and wisdom between elements as there is peace and understanding in the world and in the embodiment of good? Or chance missing the mark? I fear we are doing our duty in a hard way."

"Grand Lotus Somi, I understand your intentions but should revealing ourselves bring harm upon our order, the good will no longer be protected at tender ages."

"Brother Asuki is right."

"Brother Tan, should the nations not be included in this wisdom? Will we go back in time to remove the female members of this group at your personal fear of what we know being lost? Do we not seek and share wisdom among all who request?"

The order was silent at that. The tension was palpable at the fresh inclusion of women into the group but the tea was warm enough to soothe the troubled frustrations before Brother Somi spoke again.

"We shall table our revelation to the world yet again," the Grand Lotus sighed into his now empty teacup.

"It seems we need a tea lover like the Grand Lotus to moderate such meetings."
The room chuckled, releasing some of the tensions. Wisdom to be shared another day.

"I do love a good cup of jasmine tea." The Grand Lotus smiled, but shook his head. "The tension in the room, is not unnoticed. I welcome our new brethren without hesitation and even the hint of removal of their added wisdom is evidence of a wilting petal on a dying flower. As for the good of this generation, we shall continue in our old way."

The Grand Lotus stood, his fellow Lotus players following his lead gathered into the center of the room.

"Brothers, each to your hometown. Begin the search there with the items."


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