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A shady company starts up a food service in your town.

A shady company starts up a food service in your town.

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Your a 20 year old named Jake, and live in a suburban town in western New York. You live with your family when your not going to school at Niagara University. Your dad is a pilot, your mom is a physical therapist, and you have 3 siblings. You have a twin named Hannah who goes to Syracuse, an older sister who’s 24 and works at Walmart, and a younger brother who is 16 in high school.

A local company starts offering a new food called “Grubble,” which seems to be addictive and making people gain weight faster than normal. Ever since the COVID pandemic started, people are staring to order food from food services more. Since your mom is off work and your dad always out flying, lets see how this new companies superfood will effect your family.


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Dad (Bill): Your dad has been a commercial pilot for about 15 years and makes great money, moving your family into an above average house when you were about 10. He’s never been around much since he’s always working and was mildly strict, but always demanded good grades. He has a fit body for a 45 year old and loves the Bills.

Mom (Alice): Your moms been a physical therapist for 12 years and and makes good money. She’s a nice lady and pretty attractive for her age. She used to weigh about 240 but lost a ton of weight and is all about health now. She smokes and drinks when your dad is working.

Jess: Your older sister that works at Walmart. She hasn’t done much with her life as of yet, going to college for only 2 semesters and has been working at Walmart coming on 5 years. She would be a an aged by now if it wasn’t for coming to work high and being late. Your parents kicked her out for ding drugs years ago but she’s cleaned up for the most part.

Hannah: She is your twin and plays basketball at Syracuse. You are twins, which means since you are only 5’10 and not very athletic, she is the same height and very athletic for her gender. She’s was the hot girl in your grade as well and you never heard the end of it. You two are very close though and tell each other everything.

Josh: Your little brother who plays baseball. He’s very skinny for his height and is okay at baseball, despite being fast. He mostly just sits at home and plays video games and pick up basketball with his friends.

Jason: Your best friend. You’ve been friends since high school and hang out all the time. He played football with you in high school and is pretty good with ladies.
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