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by demon
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you are the sole judge of a muscle competition

you are the sole judge of a muscle competition

This is an interactive story containing 3 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
you: a master of the earth (each planet has its own master) you are like a god because you are immortal except that you could as well suffer, be crushed, crush. you had personal guards that you chose after a contest on earth where you are the only judge, because it is you who organized the contest that is done once a year so you had a new guard every year, you needed guards to protect you from all threats, on earth you are above all even above the law, everyone respects you and you did not need to pay anything because it is the country that pays for you, you are gay but especially in love with muscular men and even had a fetish on it.

guard: there are two types of guards, those who protect the master and those who protect the property of the master. The guards who protect the master have the role of following the master everywhere is to ensure its security all by leaving him a little privacy, the role of the guards who protect the property is to make the rounds outside and inside, To protect the land is the house of all attack or theft, of course the two types of guards are even at the service of the master and can be used by the master, they are very respected on earth, they are housed feed laundered free as the master, they have a house just for them in the garden of the master.

DM (master department): during 1 year they live in the house of their DM department and have the role of managing everything (food, security, hotel, etc.) when the king comes to their country because he has 1 DM per country, after the 1 years they have to make the transfer of power and then they have 2 choices to become ODM (old department of the master) or to participate in the contest of the guards of course if they lose the contest they become ODM their role will be to serve the DM to help him to accomplish this task but they will not be held responsible, They will be able to choose a house in their country to become their new home (unless the house already belongs to another MDO), those who have chosen the guard competition will be housed in a hotel while they become either a guard or an MDO. Of course the DM, ODM and those in waiting have nothing to spend and paid all will be at the charge of the country but unlike the guard they will not have staff to help them in their errands, do the cleaning, do the laundry, make the meal and service, it will be up to them to do so, they are also respected but not as much as a guard.

how are the competitions going?
the competitions to become guard keep his only book to the DM end of mandate is at the ODM because they can re-register when they want,
the competitive exams to become a DM, you have to be of legal age (min 18 years old), you have to be a man, you have to live in the country where the examination takes place, not already be DM or ODM or guard.

when have lost a competition can this represented in the next year without time limit.

the two competitions this pass identical, the judge (master of the earth) must give a score to each category (all categories are mandatory) then the addition judge scores them to make a final score which gives the winner (the highest score ) if there is more than one person N ° 1, the person will do 1 additional test,

here are the different categories:
visual: the participants will choose a pose to show their muscle to the judge, the judge will give a score according to the choice of the pose is as he likes.
touch: the participants will choose which muscle the judge will have to touch, the judge will have to touch 3 times, once stretched (cold muscle) once muscle flexes and the last one touches while it is stretched until it is under flexing , these three notes are added then divided by tros to give an average which will be the final score for touching.
crush: the participants will choose with which muscle is how they are going to crush the judge.
domination: the participants will choose how he dominates, all is allowed so he can for example force (by grabbing the head of the judge) to set their muscle ablaze or else the judge will just note how he dominates and does not take into account that he is demeaned or mistreated.

for the additional test: the participants choose which test they want to repeat (they can choose only one test) then will repeat the chosen test which will give a new mark (but beware the mark can be higher but also lower than the previous one)


no woman.
no death of the master.
all okay fetish.
minor prohibited.
the action can take place in a competition, in the back parties of the competition (cloakroom, shower, toilet, storage room, etc.) but also anywhere on earth.
sex ok

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