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Your favorite cartoon, anime and game girls are growing taller and bustier! Please add!

Your favorite cartoon, anime and game girls are growing taller and bustier! Please add!

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
UPDATE 4/5/24 - Wow, just wow. Over 2,000 chapters of content, and I'm appreciative of everyone who has contributed thus far. With that said, I still feel like there's more to be done. More stories to tell. To that end, I am making a change to the rules of this story. In short, I am removing limitations on what characters can or cannot do. By all means, let your imaginations run wild.

UPDATE 7/13/23 - What a ride it's been, we're almost to 2,000 chapters worth of giantess growth and breast expansion content! Thanks everyone for your contributions, it's been a lot of fun making these story threads and I sincerely hope you continue to add long into the future! Piggyback off each other, create stories with whatever characters you please, there's no shortage of shows or games or whatever media you prefer out there! As an added incentive, on top of the usual 100 GP per added story chapter, I am now going to offer up to 500 GP if I can see the effort being put into the work! So now you can have fun, and benefit from it too! Looking forward to whatever you guys have in store!

UPDATE 4/10/22 - So we're over 800 chapters in and it's been an absolute blast! That said, I decided to make some changes. First, the title and description are both different to hopefully better reflect what it is folks will be getting themselves into with this interactive. B.E. and giantess fanfiction is the name of the game, and I really want folks to be encouraged to add their own contributions!

With that in mind, I am now going to be offering 100 gift points for every chapter added that doesn't come from yours truly, heh heh. However, "option" chapters don't count. To get the gift points, some effort has to be put into it. Adding new options or just typing "and then the girl randomly grew what happens next" doesn't add much.

I want to see what you guys have up your sleeves! There's an endless world of fandoms out there, so please feel free to indulge in your fantasies and make your waifus grow! Remember, 100 gift points for every added chapter that progresses a story! Thanks for going on this ride with me!

I've seen many different interactives just like this one, but many of them seem to go off the rails in a hurry. With this story, I would like to give an opportunity for writers who would simply like to flex their writing muscles to be able to write giantess growth or breast expansion stories that have actual STORY attached to them! I've contributed in the past to these stories here -

Sonic Girls Expansion - https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/2219205-Sonic-Girls-Expan...

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Ben 10 Gwens Adventures - https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1808663-Ben-10-Gwens-Adve...

And many others...each one has its own specific set of rules attached, but I always try to actually set up some form of narrative that can be continued with, so while the main focus is the growth, there are other circumstances attached to the growth so that it's actually a story that features familiar characters going through these situations, just like a fanfic would be! So let's try to create some good stories here!

Rules of the story:

1. Characters are allowed to be their canon ages if you so desire, and as of the latest above update, there is no limitation on what they can or cannot do.

2. If you wish to use a male character, you may do so. But keep it relegated to the growth aspect. I don't want male boobs thrown in here.

3. More than one character can grow in any given storyline, just keep the main character as the "main character" if that's their story thread. For instance, Amy and Rouge can have a growth competition in an Amy storyline, but the main character still has to be Amy.

4. You may add other forms of growth to the story. Girls can get huge butts as well as boobs, or maybe you prefer an extreme hourglass shape. That's fine too. DO NOT make them fat or inflated like balloons please, there are plenty of other stories out there focusing on that particular aspect.

5. Characters cannot be killed off.

6. There are NO size limitations! However big you want them to grow, make it so! They aren't going to pop or explode from being too big! They are just going to keep on growing as long as you want them to!

7. Pairings are allowed! However, MAKE SURE you leave the door open for other writers who may not share your ship to create their own path at the root. Writers cannot destroy the ship being developed, but they should be allowed to start their own version with their own ship.

8. If they're going to shrink back down, at least give a narrative reason for it. And if you want them to shrink smaller than their usual size, be sure that it's only temporary and that they will at least grow back to normal size. This isn't a shrinking story after all.

9. No poop, scat, or otherwise toilet-related content. We'll just skip over the gross stuff, m'kay?

More rules may be added as problems arise. But I think that covers it for now! I hope anyone who stumbles upon this story feels inspired to contribute! I'll be doing my best to help and feel free to message me if you have any questions!
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