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by bobob1
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Adult · #2246771
You have been one inch tall since birth. This is your not so normal life.

You have been one inch tall since birth. This is your not so normal life.

This is an interactive story containing 215 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
[Originally created by superdude9]

Your name is Ben. You have been one inch tall since birth. Though your height is decreased, your body is stronger. Your body can withstand being crushed and flattened, without yourself being hurt. Too much. Your body also naturally reforms after a few seconds, unless some other force is keeping you flat. Your have lived a pretty normal life with your family, and you spend your days just trying to survive those around you. This is your story.

Mary-Your mother- 35, Average height, brown hair, brown eyes, nice ass, caring, loving, huge F cup breasts.

Sarah-Your older sister- 18, Average height, long black hair, black eyes, larger ass than mother's, caring but can be mean, large high D cup breasts.

Claire-Your younger sister- 13, Average height, long brown hair, hazel eyes, ass small but cute, caring but very playful, medium but still developing C cup breasts.

Victoria-Your girlfriend- 16, Smaller than average, long blonde hair, blue eyes, large ass, loving and would never purposefully hurt you, large high D cup breasts.

Amanda-Victoria's older sister- 20, Tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, larger ass than Victoria, likes you a little too much, large low E cup breasts.

Kim-Your new exchange student- 17, Short, short black hair, brown eyes, smaller but still cute ass, never met you yet, shy, smaller medium B cup breasts.

Julia-Your worst enemy- 16, Tall, short red hair, green eyes, largest ass you've ever seen, mean and sneaky and torturous, large high C cup breasts.

Just a few quick rules. Try to keep your chapters to a minimum of about a paragraph, but they can be as long as you want! Please no male and male interaction, anything else fair game. Your chapters should only be short if you are doing an options chapter. Also, try to stick with the giantesses listed above, try to use just them in your chapter. Don't worry, I'll add new giantesses! If you must create a new giantess, give her a name and personalite, and I might add her to the list if I like her. Another note, please no male giants. Lastly, add and have fun!

Just a few new giantesses I've recently added. Feel free to use them as well!

Tania-Victoria and Amanda's Mother- 40, short blonde hair, blue eyes, relatively large ass, hot for her age, friend of your mom, hasn't met you, huge F cup breasts

Yakima-Kim's older sister- 22, long black hair, brown eyes, large but not huge ass, hasn't met you, ginourmous H cup breasts

Miss Skyler-Your teacher- 28, short brown hair, green eyes, big ass, nice and caring to you, big low E cup breasts

Lisa-Julia's Younger Sister- 14, long brunette hair, brown eyes, large ass for her age, friend of your sister Claire, obsessively loves you, medium C cup breasts

Lily-A Lifeguard- 21, medium black hair, black eyes, very large ass (rivals Julia's), works at the beach, very playful and sort of ditzy, gloriously massive thighs, medium D cup breasts
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