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by Axel
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Fantasy · #2248748
The residents of a Small Town switch bodies

The residents of a Small Town switch bodies

This is an interactive story containing 28 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Cambiada, Florida is a small town where everyone is somehow connected. The residents of Cambiada are about to really get to know what it's like to walk a mile in each other's shoes. Maybe it's a spell. Maybe it's a body swapping machine. You, as the writer, get to decide!

1. No killing any characters
2. New characters may be added
3. No content featuring sexual acts that are illegal in the United States (ie rape, incest, beastiality)
4.Swaps can occur through any means. Transformation and possession are also allowed
5. Write at least three sentences per chapter


The Sullivans
Rebecca, 43: Becky is the matriarch of the Sullivan family. A recent divorcee, she is the town's most well known lawyer. She stands at 5'7, with short, brown hair and green eyes. She looks good for her age, having a trim, lithe figure and is usually wearing a pantsuit
Gabriella, 18: Bella is the rambunctious daughter of the Sullivan household. She is the same height and has the same eyes as her mother, but with long blonde lockes and and porcelain skin. She has a bit of a doll face, with an thin figure containing subtle curves.
Donnie, 16: The twerp of the Sullivan clan, Donnie is only an inch taller than his mother and sister. He is quite intelligent, but often doesn't show it due to lack of confidence. He has short, brown hair and gets picked on at school.

The Vasquezs
Carmen, 44: The Mayor of Cambiada, Carmen is often doing an event in some part of the town for her reelection campaign. Although in her 40's, she is still quite beautiful. She has long, thick black hair, caramel skin and a noticably thick ass. She has an affinity for wearing white and tapping into the town gossip.
Guillermo, 50: Cambiada's Chief of Police, Guillermo is no nonsense man with an investigative mind. He has a salt and pepper beard and hair, with an almost constant glare in his eyes.
Lain, 18: Bella's boyfriend, Lain is a laid back teen and high school baseball player. He has black hair in a high and tight cut while being a shade darker than his mother.
Lola, 21: Working a job while going to college, Lola is a waitress at Exchange, the most popular restaurant in town. She's often forced to hold her tongue against rude patrons. She has her father's sharp facial features with her mother's build.
Leo, 16: The youngest of the Vasquez family, Leo is big for his age and often picks on Donnie Sullivan at school.

The Axelsteins
Gary, 53: Gary capitalized on the internet boom of the 90's and has a small fortune as a result. Now he spends his time in the basement of his mansion tinkering with inventions for his new company, Neuro Tech. He is bald, with a moustache adorned with glasses.
Judith, 45: The self described Queen Bee of Cambiada, Judith is a socialite living on her husband's success. She is 5'2 has a hook nose, curly dark brown hair and very large fake breasts.
Nina, 18: A shy, heavy girl, Nina is unpopular at school and privy to lectures from her mother on how to improve her social standing. She has frizzy hair and bad skin.

The Greys
Delphi, 75: The town mystic, Delphi runs a Magic Store where she also gives psychic readings. She is black, with a sash usually tied around her gray hair. Although old, she wears vibrant, colorful dresses as if to exude youth through color. She is eccentric and curious.
Lauryn,32: Ms. Grey, as she is known to her students, is the English Teacher at Cambiada High. She enjoys word play and a good story. Her hair is formed into a natural afro, and sports a curvaceous physique.
Kiara: Interning at Rebecca Sullivan's Law Firm, Kiara is full of ideas but often feels that she isn't listened to. She is 5'4, with glasses and braided hair. She has a thick, muscular builder, specifically in her lower body thanks to college soccer.

The Assistant: Lily Feng, 24, is Gary Axelstein's assistant. She is in Cambiada on behalf of a joint research venture between a Hong Kong Company and Neuro Tech. She lives in the Axelstein's guest house. She is very petite at only five feet tall. Lily has silky black hair and a round face.
The Candidate: Alexander Dupree, 39, is a Football Star who decided to move back home to Cambiada after retiring. He now owns Exchange, the town's most popular restaurant, and is running against Carmen Vasquez for Mayor. He is a dark skinned man with a fade haircut who has still retained some of his football build.
The Cam Girl: Eliza Wilde, 25,makes her money taking risque videos for the Cam Girl Web Site, SimpLocker. She smokes weed every day and has brown dreadlocks. She is covered in tattoos and has a super curvy body, bountiful in what her fans want.
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