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by Mr.Y
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Nick decides to once again use the ring, but this time in college. 500 GP for chapters.

Nick decides to once again use the ring, but this time in college. 500 GP for chapters.

This is an interactive story containing 132 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
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Your name is Nick an 21 year old boy who is going to college at University of Miami. One day while sitting in your dorm you decide to take the ring out of the box you kept it in and once again use your powers, but this time in college.

-The first powers are:
Possession: You can possess the body of another person and after you leave them you can make them have no memory of what you did in them, alter their memories, or let them remember what you did inside of them
Clones: You can shoot a piece of yourself into people, so while you are still in control of your body the other person is being control by the other you. You can remove clones with a thought.
Normality: Anything and everything you do is considered normal and people won't bat an eye at it no matter what is done, for example you could pull a girl's pants down and slap her butt and have sex with her and she may say something, but otherwise she and everyone else around you will think it's normal for you do that.
Merging: you are able to enter people's bodies and make you and them merge together into one body, with you in control
Slime: you can turn into slime/goo and posses everything/everybody and morph into everything/everybody.
Mind control: when looking at someone, you can make them do anything by thinking it.
Invisibility: you can go invisible, but even though people can't see you they can still hear and feel you.

•New powers can be added whenever ever you feel like it.
•You can add new characters in different chapters.
•no killing characters unless you ask me first.
•I reserve the right to freely edit or delete chapters that are messy and don't make sense.

500 gift points will be rewarded with every new chapter, but chapters must make sense and fit in the story. Do not write really short chapters so that you can have free points.

The characters in the story:
you (Nick) - an 21 year old boy who who is going to college at University of Miami

Juniper - She is your older sister, 26 years, black long hair, she also uses glasses but that's her charm. She is someone who always follows all the rules and always likes to dress appropriately. She has a C-size cup breasts and an amazing ass. She is currently a junior in college, but sometimes she likes to visit you to see if you are doing good in the college life.

Ashley - she is your younger sister, 20 years old, She has long black hair, D cup breasts and a nice ass. She's quite the bookworm and you two have always gotten along well. She is working at a job getting ready to go to college

Mary - Your 46-year-old mother who still looks amazingly beautiful if she wants to dress as some young lady even if she is just a housewife. Short black hair and D-size cups.

Jonathan - Your father, Black hair and some slightly white hair, he spends a lot of time at work and he is 47 years old, but you've overheard your mother saying once how great and handsome he looks...and other things more private.

Henry - is Nick's best friend, also going to University of Miami and is the boyfriend of Ava, also her roommate.

Luna - is a goth girl with tan skin, black lipstick, dark eyeshadow, black painted fingernails, blue dyed long hair, blue eyes, D cup breasts, and a perfect round ass. She is also your girlfriend and roommate

Ava - is a girl with tan skin, brown hair, wears small amounts of makeup on. She has a beautiful looking face, amber eyes, C cup breasts, and a absolutely huge ass. Ava always wears clothes that emphasize her big butt. She is Luna's best friend and the girlfriend of Henry, also his roommate.

Lily - is short about 5'3, wears small amounts of makeup, blonde hair that goes down to her shoulders, brown eyes, nice figure, Firm large breasts, a nice tight round ass, and a very cute face. She is one of the nicest people in your college and has a outgoing and friendly personality.

Kaylee - is a lovely African American girl who has short brown hair, gray eyes, does not wear makeup, an athletic build, toned abs, firm thighs, firm D cup breasts, and a firm ass. Kaylee is another nice person in your college. She is on the track team and excercises everyday to keep her body in top shape.

Djamila - an Arabic girl who is quite religious and always dressrs very conservatively and wears a hijab. She has massive breasts and a good looking ass. You both are in Math together.

August - is a friend of Kaylee, and another member of the track team. She's a bit on the paler side, and has a beautiful head of ginger hair. Her long legs help her run, and also help give her a large, toned ass. August spends much of her free time with her boyfriend, or exercising. She certainly doesn't act pretentious on purpose, but you feel like her natural beauty and success thus far has shaped her behavior.

Naamah - She is a naked floating demon. She has Long black hair, her face is soft, round and delicate with plumb, soft lips and sharp fangs, running across her lip, she also has red eyes. She has large breasts that seem to float off of her chest rather than sag. She has smooth legs. Her fingernails are painted black and come to more of a point than usual thus making claws and she has a fantastic ass. She also has Nubian Ibex horns protruding from her head and a tail with a tip resembling a spade. She also has "Naamah" in the form of a brand-like tattoo right above her tail.
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