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  1. Welcome to Horror Hollow
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Come visit the ultimate haunted theme park, where nothing is as it seems!
Chapter 1

Welcome to Horror Hollow

    by: Johnny Foxx   More by this author
On a cool autumn night, as the full moon lights up the dark sky and the wind blows fallen leaves through the air in a seemingly endless dance, three wolf howls echo through the night, one after another.

"Come on, guys! We must be getting close!"

You and your best friend John, your girlfriend Jane and Jenny, her sister, and hurriedly following a black cat that you had lured to you with a piece of raw meat, and was now leading the four of you across town past countless trick or treaters in the colorful and silly costumes.

"I'm telling you Jason, this better not all be for nothing!" John call out as he jogs along behind you. Since you were old enough to understand it, you have always loved Halloween. You've studied the history behind it, as well as the different traditions for it around the world. But most of all, it was the monsters, the ghosts and all that sort of stuff that you really liked.

Even in elementary school you were a huge horror buff, having seen most every classic from Frankenstein and Dracula, to more modern series like Evil Dead and Nightmare on Elm Street as you grew.

Every year, you would always look for the scariest costume you could find. But this year you recently turned 17, and are considered too old by most people to go trick or treating. This of course, doesn't mean you can't still have a good, scary time.

Your town happens to have a local legend, which stretches back more than 50 years. The Legend of Horror Hollow. Supposedly, it's the ultimate haunted theme park, and only appears on Halloween night. Your family is planning on moving to another state soon, so you decided to try the old legend for yourself, seeing as this was your last chance to do so, after all.

You convinced your friends to join you, and placed a plate of raw meat in your backyard, and waited. To be honest, part of you didn't expect anything to really happen. This was all just a last bit of Halloween fun with your friends. But then, a black cat appeared. It ate the meat and then sat there, waiting for you to follow. It could have just been a stray, and this was just a big coincidence, but still you had to know for sure.

You and your friends follow the cat through the streets until it leads you to the gates of the local cemetery. With a loud, creaking groan, you open the gate and continue following. As you pass countless tombstones and mausoleums, you come to a steep hill at the very edge of the graveyard. At the very top, you can see bright lights glowing on the horizon. You trek up the hill, and reaching the summit, you are greeted with the most glorious thing you've ever seen.

Where once was just an empty field is now an immense amusement park, circled by a high iron fence much like the cemetery you just jogged through.At the center of the park is an extremely realistic looking dragon, whose jet black scales glistened in the lights of the park, and periodically would raise it's head to the sky and let loose a jet of red flame.

You can see roller coasters that practically reached to the heavens, and a gothic looking ferris wheel, along with who knows how many other attractions. Your friends having finally caught up with you, they marvel at the sight before them. "I can't believe it!" Says Jane in awe. "Am I dreaming?" Says her sister, while John was a bit more skeptical. "I don't understand. This was just an empty field this morning! There's no way they could have set all this up that quick!"

If this was a dream, you sure as hell were going to make the best of it! You and your friends race down the hill to the entrance of the park,where a large, foreboding sign reads "Welcome to Horror Hollow" in blood red letters. At the entrance is a skeleton in a jester costume greeting guests. It was no cheap rubber skeleton either, it looked totally real, with nothing to suggest it was made of anything but bone. "That's the most realistic skeleton I've ever seen!" Jane marveled.

"Why thank you!" Said the skeleton in a voice remenicent of Gilbert Gottfried. "Welcome to Horror Hollow! Are you ready for the ultimate Halloween experience?"

"That's why we're here!" You say "How much for admission?" "It's free to get in. However, you will need these." The skeleton reaches deep into the pockets of the jester costume and pulls out four small pouches full of coins. Each of you pull out a coin and examine it. They were made of a sort of black metal, with a golden skull emblazoned on one side, and the name of the park etched in gold on the other. "Those are terror tokens." The skeleton explained "You give them to the park staff to get on attractions, play games and for food."

You all thank the skeleton, and make your way past the turnstiles into the park. All around you, you see monsters, ghosts and ghouls of all kinds, all of them looking completely realistic! You see a family of zombies eating what looked like brains from black ice cream cones, a werewolf operating a souvenir stand, and even a headless horseman riding a horse with a flaming mane and tail with fiery glowing red eyes!

"Wow! Says Jenny "They really go all out in the costumes here!" "What should we do first?" Asks Jane. You pick up a map from a nearby stand, and see the park is split into five sections.

There's the Midway, where they have an arcade, as well as all the typical carnival games. Then there was Coaster Cove, where of course, the roller coasters and other rides were. In the center of the park was the Terror Theater, where they had live shows as well as those 4D movies and such. Next was Scary Tales, a sort of fairy tale and nursery rhyme themed area, but with a horror twist. Lastly, there was Funhouse Freeway, with all sorts of walkthrough fun houses and things like that. Scattered throughout the park were also various food stands and restaurants, as well as gift shops and other vendors.

What shall you do first?
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