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  1. The Ruins of Civilization
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In a world ripped apart by sentient giant warmachines, you're the object of ones affection
Chapter 1

The Ruins of Civilization

    by: punkachu   More by this author
Your human. A worm beneath the feat of the great colossi that had destroyed civilization centuries ago. Many of the Kaiju would, eventually, years later after the world was already ruined, prove themselves to be more than mindless monsters. Many became beneficial rulers over small societies of humans. However, your but a scavenger, living your days in the ruins of what was once a great city. And, pathetic as you may be, you've grown quite good at dodging the gaze of the Kaiju who refused to leave the ruins and let the humans have the remaining scraps.

However, unknown to you, there is something special about you. You see, the Kaiju, our destroyers, were created by humans. And they also created something called "The Handler Gene." More or less, its a genetic marker on you, one that makes Kaiju less likely to want to harm you...However it also makes them more..."friendly" with handlers than they had originally intended. The Gene, by this point, is found in 1 in 10,000 humans...and none of them know of it.

Nor do you. The fact that the mighty beast staring you down right now doesn't seem to want to harm you has no direct reason as far as your concerned. But you are cornered by a Kaiju...What Kaiju though?
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