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  1. An average day for an average man
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You were an average man but soon you will lose something and be less of a man
Chapter 1

An average day for an average man

    by: The Mystic Hobo   More by this author
Today started, like so many others since you had reached adulthood, with the blaring of your alarm. You groggily reached over and attempted, unsuccessfully, to turn off your phone without fully opening your eyes.

Finally you sat up, grabbed your phone and managed to silence it. A quick look at the clock showed that, while you weren't late for work yet, you would be if you didn't hurry a little. You must have had better luck hitting the snooze button with your eyes closed than you had had trying to turn off the alarm.

You walked to the bathroom and turned the shower on. While it was warming up you lifted the toilet seat and relieved your aching bladder. A quick shower, shampoo, and rinse and you were halfway through your morning routine.

You looked at yourself in the mirror tried to decide if you really needed to shave. If you left it for another day or two maybe you could get away with that Hollywood scruffy look. You chuckled a little to yourself at that thought. There was no way that you were anywhere near Hollywood handsome enough to pull that look off. Besides, it was against the company dress code. So you quickly shaved off what little facial hair had managed to grow in over the weekend.

After finishing in the bathroom and getting dressed you looked at the clock on your phone again. No time to eat breakfast, but if you left right now, and didn't run into too much traffic, you would have time to grab a muffin or something at the coffee shop just around the corner from your office.

A quick pat of your pockets: keys, phone, wallet; check, check, and check; and you were out the door.
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