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  1. Meeting Tucker
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A zoo's dark secret will bring two unlikely people together
Chapter 1

Meeting Tucker

    by: Homer J Simpson   More by this author
Stepping out of the shower, I was reaching for a towel when I heard a series of loud knocks on the door. Oh come on! I just got out of the shower!

I grumbled as I walked towards the door; opening it to find my twin sister Colby standing in the hallway. One look at her and I knew she had just woken up. “What do you want, Colby? I just got out of the shower.”

Shoving her way past me, in a defiant tone, Colby said, “Get outta my way, Tucker. I’ve got a busy day and you’re not making me late.”

I groaned; Colby’s busy day consisted of going to the mall with our older sister Darcy. Until quite recently Colby had been the epitome of a tomboy; she played peewee football, loved getting dirty, and always beat me in arm wrestling. I don’t know why she decided to make such drastic changes to her life; but in the 3 weeks since school ended, she had gotten blonde streaks in her hair, started sharing clothes with Darcy and talked about trying out for cheerleading.

Standing in the hallway, water dripping on the floor, I said, “Oh please; you’re spending the day at the mall with Darcy. We’ve been out of school for two weeks and you haven’t found a job yet.” Turning to walk away, I said, “You’ve changed, Colby; the sister I knew would never willingly spend her day shopping for clothes.”

I could tell Colby was hurt by my words, but I didn’t really care; she needed to hear them. Looking at me, she said, “I’ve changed, Tuck; perhaps that’s something you could consider doing.”


I was sitting in the kitchen 30 minutes later when Colby and Darcy came into the room; both wearing nearly identical outfits. I shook my head; I didn’t like what my twin sister had become. After grabbing a cereal bar for the two of them, Darcy turned to me. “You can still come to the mall with us, Tucker. There’s plenty of room in my car.”

“No thanks; at least one of us should be the responsible child.” Grumbling, I said, “Besides; I don’t like what you’re doing to Colby, and I won’t support it.”

Caught off-guard, Darcy said, “I don’t need your support, Tucker; Colby is fine with this and that’s all I care about.” Practically glaring at me, Darcy said, “Besides, I may not have a job but at least I’m not working for a zoo. They abuse animals for entertainment.”
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