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  1. Relaxation on her birthday
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by Quinny
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16 year old Callie comes home after work on her birthday to an empty house.
Chapter 1

Relaxation on her birthday

    by: Quinny   More by this author
Callie plopped herself down on the comfy couch to relax. Tossing off her heels to the floor as she scorched herself into a comforting position to relax and watch tv. Covering herself with a blanket and propping her head on a throw pillow. Turning the tv on to watch the latest hallmark love story movie. As tired as she was she couldn’t help but be attracted to the male lead in the movie. The thought of him made her nether regions tingle in anticipation. It was almost like she could feel him playing with her nether lips. No one is home she thought, a little fun can’t hurt.....
Spreading her legs wide she reached up under her skirt and began to stroke herself through her lace panties. It kinda tickled like something was struggling against her fingers but Callie was so absorbed in the wonderful feeling that she ignored it.
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